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We are homophobic says Lithuanian minister

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Reader comments

  1. Robert, ex-pat Brit 7 Oct 2008, 1:29pm

    Seems as though the EU Commission has its work cut out for it. Time to mandate broad-sweeping legislation on gay rights across the board for all member states and should be a pre-requisite for membership. Failure to comply should result in sanctions and eventual banishment from the union if it takes this matter seriously.

  2. Erroll Clements 7 Oct 2008, 2:02pm

    Time they caught up with the rest of Europe ! They have to realize that being gay is not something you choose, you don’t suddenly wake up and decide to be gay for a change. You are born that way !

  3. It is a fact that cannot be avoided the EU will have no choice finally but to take hard line measures and deny these countries EU membership. Institutional homophobia should not be paid for out of our contributions. Once the benefits of membership are taken away from them let them go to the Catholic Church for the money they will have lost and then see how far that will get them.

  4. Kick them out and let them go to the Catholic Church for the money they will lose from the EU. If they want institutional homophobia then let them pay for it themselves.

  5. Robert, ex-pat Brit 7 Oct 2008, 6:31pm

    Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Greece and Italy, take note! You’re next!

  6. Stuart DJ 7 Oct 2008, 7:09pm

    Hats off to the Lithuanians for at least admitting that their nation is thoroughly homophobic. Now we will have to see what they do about it. When they are done I may go there.

  7. Why are these stupid backward countries even part of the EU. Who wants them?! Turkey can go shove it as well. EUROPE?! No.

  8. My boyfriend is Lithuanian & I went to Lithuania. It was very difficult, for me and I now understand, why he choses not to return, except for a holiday. For Example, to his friends, I was just a “friend”. He would dare not say the word “gay”, nor even if they suspected, would they dare say it. However, they didn’t because they are very innocent/naive on this matter.

    Their homophobia is a product of Communism and when that collapsed, the Catholic Church filled the vacuem. It will take a generation to change, however, attitudes are changing among young people, unfortuately, very slowly.

  9. Comment nr. 2 says it all. Lithuanians are not aware of this matter. They think it’s a fashion, or something you choose to do, not the way you were born to be. I was born in Lithuania, but I’m ashamed that these homophobic things are still happening there. I’m pretty sure it will take at least one generation to change the nations views about human rights.

  10. Contrary to you all I am proud to live in “homophobic” country! Yes, we are homophobic ant that won’t change any time soon. Many people (me included) educate their children that gays and lesbians are perverts, so coming generation will look at you the same way.
    BTW, don’t involve Catolic Church here, many people here are atheists and homophobic at the same time.

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