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Gay teen was goaded into suicide by jeering mob

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Reader comments

  1. The people of Derby should be holding thier heads in SHAME. I for one would not be able to look myself in the face if I had stood by and let this happen, let alone encouraged the loss of another human being. Is this what we have become ?? SHAME

  2. Well what a low level human beings have sunk to. Bad enough that they goaded him and shouted encouragement for him to kill himself. Then to film it and put it on the internet, how sick and twisted, it really makes me want to throw up. I just can’t believe it. rabid dogs are put down for less.

  3. The poor lad. Who knows what troubles he had that caused him to do this? At that age, problems seem so much more serious than they appear later in life with the benefit of more experience and hindsight.

    As for those who goaded him into jumping, it’s a shame the police couldn’t simply have filmed them and dealt with them later. Who knows, with no one mocking him and telling him to jump, the police may have been able to talk him down to safety.

  4. my face wet…..

    a child who finds life too terrible at that moment to live on, and yes at 17yo he is a child starting his life.

    It’s times like this that wish there were a god of justice

  5. What’s happened to humankind?
    Poor boy, I am weeping. May all those who enjoyed watching this tragic event
    know that they have blood on their hands. What if it was your own child?

  6. I’m not going to join in the chorus of disapproval of the ‘rabid dogs’ because the same comments have been posted (literally) a thousand times on other sites already.

    What I’d like to comment on is the decision of the papers that went big on this story (notably the Mail) not to mention that the young man was gay despite knowing this from pretty much the start.

    And you know why the Mail – and others – didn’t mention his sexuality? Because the angle of their story was (understandably, of course) sympathetic to the guy and hostile to the small minority of the crowd who behaved despicably. And in Mailworld, to have mentioned that he was gay would have been a negative. Basically, they feared that such a revelation would have impaired their readers’ abilities to sympathise with the victim.

    Don’t ever forget the way such publications will twist a story to suit to their own ends.

  7. Bill Perdue 7 Oct 2008, 11:00pm

    Christianity in action…

  8. Matty Pepprell 7 Oct 2008, 11:05pm

    Jim… you are right, it does not matter about his sexuality. But what does matter is the homophobia involved. It would be simple for the Daily Mail (or any other news outlet) to mention the jeering was homophobic. That is all they needed to say, but they didn’t.

    It is very sad what has happened, and I do hope that those involved are investigated and, hopefully, charged with hate crimes.

  9. Disgracefully, the marxist muppet twists the tragic circumstances of this boys death to try and score a cheap point where none can be made anyway.

  10. To Matty… please indicate the evidence that hatred of the fact that this man was gay was part of what what the disguting people in the onlookers did. Derbyshire Police and Derby City Council need this shuved in their faces if this is the case.

  11. Daniel Sullivan 7 Oct 2008, 11:37pm

    What kind of world are we living in when adults allow their children to stand and watch this poor lad jump to his death whilst having abuse hurtled at him by members of the public. The police have said they never arrested any of the “Bystanders” as they did not have the man power, so the homophobic abuse, I’m also sure there is a crime for assisting suicide and surely telling someone to jump to their death is exactly that will go unpunished, and to make matters worse these so called people also videoed and photographed this poor lad both during and after his suicide, how long before this horrific video will be on YouTube? These people disgust me and I will make a complaint to Derby police regarding why no action was taken, surely they must have CCTV footage of the area (as they do with other public disturbances), personally I would publically humiliate all these bystanders and show them for the backward Neanderthal’s they truly are and the so called parents should be monitored by the local social services as they have some truly strange parenting skills.

  12. Sick homophobes! May they all rot in hell for their hatred. The ones jeering and the others watching this freak show are guilty of assisted murder.

  13. My heart breaks, both for the poor lad, and for the state of the society we have become.

    Police claim that only a small minority were shouting for him to jump, but did the others do or say nothing? I couldn’t watch such a sight, but if I, or anyone I know, were somehow there and someone beside me was jeering, I’m pretty sure we would have made sure that they shut up, one way or another. A riot in the crowd would hardly have helped, but did these sick creatures go completely unchallenged? Even a chorus of “Don’t jump”, to drown them out might have helped. For evil to triumph requires only that good men do nothing.

    It seems that every day the world gets just a little more heartless and despicable.

    May Shaun rest in peace, and his family and friends find some comfort.

  14. Pete & Michael 8 Oct 2008, 8:41am

    This is so sad, our heartfelt sympathy goes to his family and friends. Although we do not know what Shaun was thinking it was clearly evident that he was suffering from trauma and depression. We, as a community must ask our MP’s to enforce laws to compel Health Authorities and Councils and others to adopt stringent non-discriminatory policies as outlined in the Equality Bill which has still to be enacted in law. Why are we still waiting?

  15. I need to clarify something. I never said the jeering was homophobic. It certainly wasn’t.

    What I said was that the Daily Mail knew the victim was gay and chose not to mention it in their story. You can be damn sure they would have mentioned it if it had suited their ends, or even if it had just been ‘neutral’ information that added more ‘colour’ to the story. But that newspaper sees (on behalf of the majority of its readership) homosexuality as a negative, and – for that story – the Mail did not want to say anything ‘bad’ about the victim, so that they could keep their readers’ minds focused on main issue: the behaviour of a handful of despicable onlookers.

    In saying this, I’m not (as Luke alleges) trying to score a Marxist point against the Mail. I’m making what I believe is a revealing observation about the way important parts of the media still think and operate.

  16. Utopian, I most certainly was NOT refering to your post! You made a valid point imo.

  17. Joe Johnston 9 Oct 2008, 8:29am

    It is not acceptable for the police to say they were too busy trying to help Shaun – that might have been true at the time but it would not be difficult to now identify and DEAL WITH the scum who were goading him. There would be plebty of witnesses and evidence in the form of pictures on mobile phones and it is so easy for the police to find out who has posted the abhorrent videos on the internet.
    In a really just world, the scum would be rounded up and taken to the top of the building concerned and ‘encouraged’ to jump themselves.

  18. I don’t know that much about British law, but it seems to me that those who were chanting “Go ahead, kill yourself, you …” are guilty of depraved indeference and should be held accountable for their part in this whole un-Godly mess.

    Had he died because a bartender kept serving him after he became intoxicated, the bartender would be legally responsible in many countries and could be sued and/or jailed for his irresponsible actions.

    For someone to taunt a child who obviously is already having problems and is on the verge of a breakdown just seems criminal to me. If they don’t pay for this depraved indeference here on earth, I feel they will surely pay when God judges them. And that is the way it should be.

  19. Here in the United States, we have received reports of this Hate Crime. Such conduct by Derby residence is the equivalent of our Texas residence who executed Matthew Shepard another gay man killed by bigots. The Prime Minister himself must address this issue a Society that goats on and assists a teenager to commit suicide in a participant in Murder and should be convicted of same. This is wicked sick conduct.

  20. I think this case is absolutely tragic and just shows how unkind and uncaring some people are.

    It would be very very difficult now to link those shouting ‘jump’ directly with the young mans death – but there were certainly public order offences committed at the time – that should have been dealt with by the police. For the police to say that they did not have enough manpower available to deal with this is an admission that they were under-resourced and incapable of dealing with this situation in its entirety (the suicidal male and the public order element). They should be held accountable for not being in a position to put a stop to those shouting ‘jump’ etc.

    I also feel desperately sorry for the officers who tried to talk him down but were unable to do so. I’m sure this incident will stay with them for the rest of their lives.

  21. Humanity is a little less humane today. What sadness there is in what we have become.

  22. The UK is filled with hypocrites who discriminate if they can, only tolerating if they must. In short, it is a society governed by psuedo-tolerance.

  23. Joseph Noone 11 Oct 2008, 9:51pm

    I thought the Brits called themselves “civilized.”

  24. No. The “Brits” call themselves ‘civilised’, Joseph.

  25. You know what I blame this on the breakdown of? Society.

  26. The people jeering this young man to his death are, in my eyes, murderers. Suicidal people are not in their “right mind.” Like a plea of temporary insanity, I would argue that Shaun was not of sound mind, following the demands of the crowd. Perhaps the police would have been able to talk him out of it successfully without the distraction of shouting homophobes. Murderers. They should all be tried. That’s my theory.

  27. I was so very sorry to read about the death of Shaun (who I never
    knew) and the very disturbing circumstances aropund it. Someone
    should have noticed how troubled he was.
    I just hope he is happier now.

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