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Homophobic ‘tattoo’ vicar claims he was attacking “promoters of gay culture”

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Reader comments

  1. “I did not intend to cause offence when I made some joking remarks about homosexuals. I was not actually meaning to criticise individual homosexual persons, but the promoters of gay culture,” he said.
    Oh, that was where the misunderstanding arose… he wasn’t attacking gay people, merely those that believe gay people should be treated as equal human beings! How could I have misread that?
    Nevermind, never let it be said we don’t have a sense of humour, now who’s for a fun game of throw the clergyman to the lions. IT WAS A JOKE!

  2. Robert, ex-pat Brit 7 Oct 2008, 1:31pm

    And you can bet your arse that this moron votes conservative!

  3. Andy and Steve – I think we should run a competition for the exact phrase that should be tattooed on this egit’s forehead before we go to press.
    I think he may have been channeling the departed spirit of Bernard Manning!

  4. Hey now come on guys, you could get into trouble for taking the piss out of those who have the misfortune to be so stupid! It’s not his fault he’s not got the intellect to practice what he’s supposed to preach – love thy neighbour and all that stuff! As a Nichiren Daishonin Buddhist (SGI-UK), we don’t follow a God anyway, so his remarks mean nothing to me.

  5. These people are more obsessed with gay men than I am!
    Oh and he looks like Herr Lipp from from The League of Gentlemen as if that doesnt tell you enough

  6. I’m reminded how wussy str8 guys cower back and whimper “I was only joking!” whe you go to thump them after they called you queer.

  7. Nigel Holland-Williams 7 Oct 2008, 2:37pm

    he should be made to apologise on mainstream tv and at pride or perhaps make a personal financial donation on world aids day. this should be closely followed by his resignation.

  8. Erroll Clements 7 Oct 2008, 2:44pm

    Tatooing is toooo go for this fuckwit, he needs a major make over !
    Bit late to try and withdraw his comments………he who casts the first stone? One thinks that the church these days is not exactly an example to be followed, how many cases has there been now of priests doing dodgy doings with children? Do as I say and not as I do?

  9. What a spineless coward this cretin is…. he has a history of remarks like this, and yet he hasn’t the guts to even stand by them. Someone should tattoo “superstitious bigoted fool” on his head and see how he likes it.

    Oh, I have no issues with religious fools, I said what I said simply because I am trying to get at those “promoters of foolish religious culture”. I have a few friends of that religious persuasion….

    …yeah, sounds like a load of faeces. doesn’t it?

  10. This “Christian” vicar caused a mini riot near Harrogate, Yorkshire, when he dumped his first family and ran off with someone else.
    The tatoo on his dick should have read, “Improper use of this God-given tool causes distress, heartbreak and disgrace to your loving family”.
    Think before you open your mouth,Mr Mullen

  11. Tattooing is too good for this biggoted moron, brandish with hot iron the words ‘biggoted homophobe’ on him. It’s not even about gay vs str8, it’s irresponsible idiots vs humanitarians or evil vs good.

    I’m not gay but I hate biggots, if I am ever near to his church I will pay this plum and his congregation a visit.

    Homophobia is gay, god is great.

  12. david London 7 Oct 2008, 4:52pm

    If this is the face of modern religion no wonder people dont go to church anymore!
    This A**ehole should be sacked now!

  13. robb,

    You might also be interested to know that branding with hot irons is exactly what the CoE did to the slaves they owned back in the 18th century. Bigots never learn.

  14. Terry Floyd Johnson 7 Oct 2008, 6:55pm

    Religion the world over is being used to attack gays, lesbians, bisexuals, and transsexuals. This is grounds for the annexing of the church and all of its arms on the grounds they are facist, and using a religious entity to spread straight supremacy over the world.

    We need to build our own huge, worldwide spiritual fellowship- I invite anyone who wishes to commit to this to join my fellowship, EnviroRadience or to create a non-denominational fellowship, for all gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transsexuals can join, with only their own beliefs to guide them, and to be an open forum for us to discuss our spirituality, our secular power, and the spiritual within us to help ourselves and others.

    EnviroRadience can be found at:

    We need to create a world fellowship, which together we can transform the world, and create a safety net for our own, and our friends who stand beside us against those who hate rather than love in their hearts.

  15. Yawn. What a twunt. Why is this freak even given a platform to voice his bile?

    I wonder how many children he has touched.

  16. The BBC News website ran the story on their front page, right under the economic crisis… I suspect the CofE might have had their email address hammered… hence the next day morning apology from the vicar in charge of the City, yep the same City that is in the process of delivering economic meltdown.

  17. Again, these sorts of comments from the religious institution are a direct result of the stereotypes that are in existance. As gay people we must create realistic images.
    Also it must be remembered that all sexual practices enjoyed by gay people are enjoyed by heterosexuals. Why do people put sexuality onto a pedestal and see it as something so precious? But we are really finding out about the hypocrisy of institutions now. they seem more interested in the institution than the spirit of the people.

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