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Health minister took Mandelson to hospital after emergency call to Downing St

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  1. theotherhalf 8 Oct 2008, 5:14pm

    pete isn’t gay, he’s never admitted to it and the last I heard he doesn’t like people saying he’s Gay.

  2. Have he and his boyfriend broken up then, so there was noone there to smooth his brow? (Sorry a bit snidey, but he is an exemplar of closetry)

    And why phone No10, couldn’t he have got himself to hospital (or his police guard should have arranged it!)

  3. Sister Mary Clarence 13 Oct 2008, 5:45am

    The reason he contacted No10 was it saved having to wait 8 months to have anything done about the bloody things like us common folk have to.

    No doubt he’ll be hooting about having used the NHS when he had a little ‘scare’ for years to come at dinner parties and champagne receptions. Glossing over the fact that umpteen people had to wait that bit longer in agony, while he jumped to the front of the queue.

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