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Teen who murdered gay classmate had white supremacist literature

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Reader comments

  1. iam good boy

  2. symboybot 7 Oct 2008, 9:33am

    “family members had a shared interested in German military”? Looks like Brandon was a victim of family homo-phobia and indoctrination. Lawrence King was the real victim and Brandon was a secondary victim of the systemic homophobia that is most commonly passed down from father to son and this is why we need anti-bullying and anti-homophobia education in our schools starting in the pre-high school years.

  3. Many people have an interest in the German military but they don’t kill other people because of it. Doesn’t hold much water.

  4. Lawrence King was dealing with some very large issues concerning his sexuality. I can relate, being gay myself. Whatever he said or did to Brandon did not deserve the death penalty.
    The harassing was probably the other way around, having experienced it myself.
    At an rate, as symboybot said, both are victims in this case.

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