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Church finds no remains after opening Cardinal’s grave

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Reader comments

  1. Did he physicaly join his partner’s grave ??? – would be a great ending !!

  2. Good on you, Peter Tatchell, for speaking so eloquently about this matter. Nature has indeed thwarted the Vatican’s homophobia. We should get out and protest loudly to stop this violation of this gay man’s wish to remain forever beside the body of his companion.

  3. Edward in Los Angeles 6 Oct 2008, 1:25pm

    I hope this doesn’t sound excessively paranormal, but isn’t it ironic that when the Catholic Church goes to move him they find that there’s nothing there? Appears to me as if the good Cardinal had a hand in that himself…not to mention the final say :)

  4. Robin Ellwood 6 Oct 2008, 2:25pm

    To refer to Cardinal Newman as: “Britain’s most famous Catholic convert after Tony Blair” is an insult! Firstly, he came long before Tony Blair, and there have been plenty of other famous converts to Catholicism: Frances Shand Kydd, The Duchess of Kent, John Selwyn Gummer and the dreaded Ann Widdecomb, who seems to have set herself up as an expert speaker on the Church’s behalf. Blair is just a master of self promotion – please don’t give him the same sort of credibility of the saintly Cardinal Newman.

  5. Hope this teaches the necrophiliac grave robbers a lesson! Pity the xtian death cult doesn’t do a similar disappearing act!

  6. Yes Zazou, they were buried along-side each other :-)

    And what a nice outcome in the present day :-)

    The Catholic Church can continue with whatever mumbojumbo they want, and the Cardinal gets his final wish :-)

    Hurray for John Henry Newman & Ambrose St.John :-)

  7. Wim from the Netherlands 7 Oct 2008, 10:26am

    The place where the R C Church will burry some locks of hair will never replace the more than a hundred years old grave where Cardinal Newman and his friend Ambrose StJohn still really are.

  8. Peter from Brisbane 19 Sep 2010, 9:44pm

    Another wonderful story of the bond between two men, an eternal relationship greater than any other love.
    I can never understand why some Heterosexuals play Cricket with the truth. The Vatican could have got away with the usual story. ‘He ascended into Heaven supported on the wings of two Angels’.

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