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Brit actor Matthew Goode comfortable with gay kisses

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Reader comments

  1. stevedenver 5 Oct 2008, 8:08am

    Good for Goode! I think he’s a fine actor, had a throwback to a young Rupert Everett at first, but he has proven his own mettle. Matthew’s right not to let a kiss or nudity inhibit his best performance in a role, gay or nongay. Besides, wouldn’t we all like to kiss both him and Ben?

  2. I wonder what Evelyn Waugh would make of this film. The sudden revival of Brideshead fever is rather odd considering how prickly the original book is: a reactionary, class-obsessed tale of adultery and pious redemption through the Catholic Church, steeped in misogyny and snobbery. I don’t wholly dislike the book as a matter of fact, but given its essentially religious subject-matter (and the pretty dim view Waugh takes of sinful and profane – as opposed to spiritual – love), it seems a perhaps improbable gay-sensation.

  3. Oh its ‘Hec’ from ‘Imagine me and You’ he’s so likable!
    Its like usually when the character you’re supposed to like in a film has an affair they make their other half unlikable so you’re okay with it, but every character in that movie was so likable. He’s awesome :)

  4. Ohhhhh, I saw the trailer for that in the cinema. I like him and Emma Thompson, it looks interesting :)

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