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Nick Brown becomes second gay man appointed in reshuffle

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Reader comments

  1. theotherhalf 3 Oct 2008, 11:21pm

    I’m sick of the endless ‘Labour promotes another old poof’ stories.

    Frankly it doesn’t trick me. Labour stuffed us over our rights and they want opt-outs for anyone who bases their homophobia on some idiotic belief in and old (white) man with a long beard that lives in the sky.

    You can paint the walls pink but you’ll never hide the blood stains.

  2. So what if another gay man is involved? Frankly, who the hell cares? This government is inept, ineffective and corrupt. Whichever way you look at it, Nu-Lab is fucked.

  3. theotherhalf, “stuffed us over our rights” Are you friggin kidding me?

    Labour turned Britain from one of the most homophobic in Europe when it came to gay rights to one of the most progressive. The “opt-out” clause didn’t even go through as the government were against it. Shame you couldn’t say the same for the Tories.

    Spend a few minutes reading through the linked comments from Guido Fawkes if you want an indication what the other side of the political spectrum thinks about us.

  4. David Gerard 4 Oct 2008, 4:58pm

    Mr Mandelson has had a chequered career in office. Previous Cabinet terms have ended with unfortunate resignations due to being beheaded by angry villagers, burnt at the stake, wrapped in chains and thrown to the bottom of the Volga and, in one case, nuked from orbit.

    My blog rant:

  5. theotherhalf 4 Oct 2008, 9:52pm


    this goverment is rapidly reversing the progression of Queer Rites in this country. The Provision of Goods and Services anyone? Opt outs to make the repeal of Clause 28 meaningless?

    this Guido Fawkes seems to be nothing but a Blogger. Saying he represents the Torys is a bit like saying that SWP Entryism represents Gordon Brown. I’ve been an activist for a good many years and trust me you’ll hear hateful things on the Left too.

    Labour is a party run for and by Religious extremists and they want people like you and me out of their New Britain.

  6. theotherhalf 4 Oct 2008, 9:54pm

    ‘Previous Cabinet terms have ended with unfortunate resignations due to being beheaded by angry villagers, burnt at the stake, wrapped in chains and thrown to the bottom of the Volga’

    i tried beheading him but, like the Hydra he kept growing a new head and every one was tanned to perfection.

  7. theotherhalf,

    You can nit-pick at Labour’s record all you want it may not be perfect but can you name a single pro-gay rights issue which Labour oppose and the Tories support? You can’t because there isn’t one. 74% of Tory MPs voted against Labour’s plans to ban the discrimination against gays. I couldn’t care less about failed plans from a minority for an opt-out, if the vast majority of Conservatives had their way there wouldn’t be a law in the first place.

    Only a few months ago the Tories (including Cameron) voted overwhelmingly against the government’s plan to allow lesbian couples IVF, are we supposed to forget that?

    Guido Fawkes didn’t himself say anything homophobic it was his readers. They didn’t even attempt to veil it, freely using terms like ‘poof’ and ‘faggot’. And it’s not just at Guido either, the official Tory website ConservativeHome ran poll asking whether readers would go to a friend’s civil partnership ceremony, two-thirds said no.

    This government has been more pro-gay than any other in our history, there’s a real risk that some of this work will be reversed if Call Me Dave and his ilk get back into power.

  8. theotherone 5 Oct 2008, 7:29pm

    you’re deluded and you’ve been fooled by the Pink facelift:

    If a child is a victim of Gay Bullying in school the perpetrators and school can sweep it under the carpet as long as they claim that it wasn’t about sexuality but Gender. It seems that this government, this pro-Gay Government, passed legislation saying this.

    If you abuse a co-worker and claim they’re a Trannie you get away with it as long as they’re not a Trannie. Nice opt out there.

    This government has fooled you and everyone else and now they’ve ‘moved’ (actually sacked) a pro-Queer minister from a committee drafting Equality Legislation. Why did they do that?

    This Government is no longer Pro- Gay, it’s pro-Religion. It wants to ban Queer people walking in parks, it says any childless couple isn’t a real couple, it wants to bring in tax breaks for Heterosexual couples only.

    Pro-Gay? Don’t make me laugh.

  9. theotherone 5 Oct 2008, 7:34pm

    oh and:

    just because commentators on a blog said nasty things doesn’t mean that all Tories are evil homophobes.

    Grow up, the Leader of the Tory party stated that Gay couples where, as far as he was concerned, a Family and deserved equal treatment. Labour want to destroy the ‘Equality’ of Civil Partnerships.

    Which party’s the Homophobic one? Oh and BTW: the Tories have more Queer candidates than Labour.

  10. You’re the one who seems to be deluded mate. So Labour are anti-gay despite them; repealing Section 28, equalising the age of consent, allowing transexuals to change their birth certificates, introducing civil partnerships, banning discrimination towards gays and allowing lesbian couples to get IVF, because you named a few non-existant policies they have like banning gays from parks (wtf?).

    But despite the fact that the Tories have fought against every single gay rights policy which has been introduced (with one as recently as a few months ago) they’re still pro-gay because they have a few token queers?

    I noticed how you didn’t acknowledge any of my points, I’ll ask my question again.

    On which issue are the Tories more pro-gay than Labour?

  11. theotherhalf 6 Oct 2008, 3:51pm

    I’m not a pro-Tory so please don’t think i am but…

    The Tories don’t want tax breaks that would leave out people in civil Partnerships. Good enough for you?

    Section 28: Labour have allowed ‘Faith Schools’ to say and do whatever they like. They have also allowed a get out clause to bullies which i have already explained.

    Transexuals: this is one close to my heart as I am a Trannie. They will force Transexuals to carry two ID cards – one male and one female bearing both their ‘assumed’ name and their ‘birth’ name. Changing the Sex on your Birth Certificate was supposed to be about people not knowing things like this, if they get their way everyone will know.

    Discrimination: the provision of goods and services act has been put on a back boiler and the government won’t tell us why. the government allows religious groups discriminate in employment matters.

    Lesbian Couples: the government has already stated that it considers childless couples to be ‘feckless’ so if you’re a Lesbian couple that wants children great, if you don’t you’re not a family unit. Now didn’t DC say he considered childless Queer couples to be a family unit? There’s a second thing the Tories are more progressive in.

    Oh and most of the above (the age of consent, employment law and the rights of Transexuals) where forced on the government by Europe not by their own violation. Talk about the early days of the Scottish Parliament that took on the churches and won and then I’ll agree you had a positive, progressive parliament but this lot? Don’t make me laugh

  12. Give me evidence that Labour thinks that people in civil partnerhsips shouldn’t get tax breaks but the Conservatives do? Or that Labour doesn’t consider lesbian couples to be a family unit?

    Also Blair spoke against the unequal age of cosent back in 1994 the reason why it took so long to change was because the Lords back then were stuffed with (invariably conservative) heredity peers who kept on rejecting it.

    All your problems with the current government’s gay rights policy are nit-picks in the policies they themselves created and the Tories fought against. If the Tories had been in power none of these would have existed in the first place.

    Look at these votes and scroll down to ‘party summary’ and if you still carry on in the ridiculous belief that the Tories are more pro-gay than Labour well then you obvisiously have little interest in the cold-hard facts.

  13. theotherhalf 8 Oct 2008, 2:52pm


    you are again acting as though I am a Tory Voter, i am not. I am criticizing Labour so please don’t cloud the issue with what the Tories will or will not do or what the Tories do or do not believe.

    I’m nit Picking? Labour are reversing the policies they themeless brought brought in under duress. Labour claimed the tories held up Gay rites? Labour only brought in a bill to equalize the age of consent after they where taken to Europe, likewise with Transexual Rites, likewise with employment law.

    Labour are intent on bringing in Tax Breaks for people with Children and only people with children, Labour declared childless couples are ‘feckless’, Labour wanted to bring in tax breaks for married couples that wouldn’t effect people in Civil Partnerships.

    Labour only gave us our rights when they where forced to and now they’re trying to chip away at them.

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