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Opposition to gay marriage brings rare moment of unity in VP debate

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Reader comments

  1. Robert, ex-pat Brit 4 Oct 2008, 1:19pm

    Palin is a bare-faced liar and a bigot. There is NO way the republican is going to approve civil unions at the federal level if she and McCain, heaven forbid, are elected. The reason McCain picked her as his running mate was to appeal to the right wing conservative christo-fascist base that is at the core of her support. They want NO semblance of legal recognition for gay couples. Though Biden and Palin, as well as McCain and Obama all agree that marriage is not an option….at least Biden and Obama won’t support amendments to any state that legislates that gay couples can marry. McCain and Palin would support any state that approved a ban on same-sex marriage, in fact, McCain has supported 27 states that have enacted such a ban, though he opposes a federal (national) amendment to do so. Any voter in his or her right mind would not vote for McCain unless they’re a self serving, self-loathng conservative gay voter. Why support a party that clearly doesn’t want your equality? Its sick!

  2. Edward in Los Angeles 4 Oct 2008, 10:06pm

    What’s Palin actually afraid of? That gay people might do a better job at raising a family than she has? Let’s see, that would mean we’d have to teach our children that censoring books in the local library is wrong, that we couldn’t have a brother-in-law fired just out of spite, and when an unwed daughter gets pregnant doesn’t mean we’d force the father of her child and her to get married in front of national television! Mother of the Year, Palin ain’t… and I think anyone with half a brain knows it.

  3. Choice? Who made a choice?

  4. Vo Dong Cung 5 Oct 2008, 10:09pm

    I’m so disappointed on VP candidate knowledge about LGBT. Is exual orientation a choice? Please, go back to hightschool!!!

  5. That’s mean we are straight and choose homosexuality. AND SHE IS LESBIAN BUT CHOOSES HETEROSEXUALITY.HAHAHA!!!..

  6. why do we perverse poofs insist on choosing to be homosexual, knowing that we will get hatred and bigotry from a section of the community, put up with cat-calling and maybe queer-bashing or worse, have to jump through hoops to ensure that our rights are protected, etc, etc.

    We should have decided to be straight, and avoided all these things

  7. I’m so chuffed for them that they have something in common, even if it is bigotry.

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