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Mixed reactions to Mandelson’s return

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Reader comments

  1. theotherhalf 3 Oct 2008, 11:27pm

    My reaction:

    By christ GB must be desperate to let this corrupt little toad back into government.

    Still i suppose he’ll be in negative equity with those properties he owns won’t he?

  2. Nice euphemism. “Mixed Reaction”?
    Was that a mix between “Jesus Christ, not that arsehole again” and “How can such a corrupt, underhand, manipulative little slimeball manage to do it a THIRD time?”

    I do not know of ANYONE, including ardent Labour supporters that likes the man.

  3. David Gerard 4 Oct 2008, 5:50pm

    Mr Mandelson has had a chequered career in office. Previous Cabinet terms have ended with unfortunate resignations due to being beheaded by angry villagers, burnt at the stake, wrapped in chains and thrown to the bottom of the Volga and, in one case, nuked from orbit.

    My blog rant:

  4. Brian Burton 4 Oct 2008, 10:50pm

    What a lot of hoo ha about the cabinet reshuffle. There is no politition in Britain today I would trust with my Granny. Clegg dos’nt even know what our old-age pension is per week. Polititions are as straight as a dog’s hind leg. They are in politics for the money. Too many are millionairs by the time they retire.

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