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McCain’s limp responses to questions from gay community

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Reader comments

  1. Bill Perdue 2 Oct 2008, 2:53pm

    Although polls continue to show a modest, even reversible lead for the Democrats, it’s going to be a landslide. McCain’s going to lose in a landslide because the very high and richly deserved bitterness most people feel towards the Republicans (the US version of the Tories) is going to bury them.

    Then the Democrats inherit a rock and a hard place, and the political bone crushing will begin.

    The rock is an unwinnable war that Obama’s promised to win in Iraq. He refuses to withdraw. Surrounded by Clinton’s warhawk advisors, Obama promises to go on the offensive in Pakistan and Afghanistan, like Nixon did in Cambodia and Laos, and with the same disastrous but easily predictable results. A combination of escalation in Afghanistan, where the Karzai collaborationist regime is about to fall and continued US military incursions into Pakistan will fail without question.

    Pakistan is a very unfriendly and unwilling ‘ally’ of the US and a fully operational nuclear power. They had no qualms about selling nuclear technology to Iran and Korea. Pakistan’s government, like Karzai’s, is in deep crisis. The Pakistani military are humiliated by their government’s abject cowardice in the face of US strong arm tactics and their refusal to defend their citizens from US airborne murder squads. That won’t last too much longer. A further escalation in Pakistan and Afghanistan, which Obama promises, is an invitation to nuclear disaster. A Bitter Harvest in Afghanistan By Deepak Tripathi Pakistan, the Media and the Politics of Nuclear Weapons – The unspoken War by Anthony DiMaggio
    Then there’s that hard place, an economy in deep failure mode. The only debate is whether we’ll descend into depression or be in for decades of enforced austerity and increasing authoritarianism as the corporate rich and their political toadies in both parties shift the weight of the economic crisis onto our backs. By the end of this year the US national debt, not counting losses from the various bailouts will total somewhere between $12.5 trillion and $15 trillion dollars.
    The weight of that burden will end social programs for decades, leave us floundering as the environmental crisis escalates in frightening new territory and depress our standard of living even more. It will inevitably lead to more authoritarianism, more illegal wiretaps and invasion of internet privacy (FISA) and more Paytriot acts.

    The Democrats and Republicans are the Parties that will be identified with the rocks and the hard places. The left will make sure of that. They’re already extinct. They’re dinosaurs, proud rulers of all they see, bellowing as they look up at the new star, slowing growing in brightness in the night sky …

  2. Senator McCain claimed that former Congressman Jim Kolbe is a personal friend who is gay.

    “We first ran for Congress in Arizona the same year — in 1982,” he said.

    “We served together starting in 1985. He’s a great American who spent two decades serving his country in Congress. Like me, he also served in Vietnam so we have a special kinship.

    “When he came out in 1996, there was no question that I would stand by him. He’s a friend and a patriot and has been an admirable public servant, and a good example of why someone’s sexuality should not be relevant in public life.”

    OK, so just to clarify, unless you know John McCain personally, your gay rights under the Republican party amount to diddly squat. Is that a reasonable summary?

  3. Flapjack, or how about: “I have nothing against gays. Some of my best friends are gay. But……”

  4. If I was one of these supposed “gay friends” of Sarah Palin or John McCain I would make it clear to them that either they buck their ideas up about gay equality or I would very publicly distance myself from them.
    I mean, how would any gay person feel about being a stooge to con the pink vote from gullable voters. I’d feel used and dirty. If you really respect gay people you put your policy where your mouth is.

  5. “We need to make sure legislation doesn’t lead to a flood of frivolous lawsuits or infringe on religious institutions,” he said.

    Err, why? Why do we have to make sure that religious institutions are protected from lawsuits against their bigotry and discrimination?

    A bunch of people decide to pick and chose which stories and tales they want to fashion their lives by out of some book, a fiction book at that, as it can’t be proven, and somehow they get better protection under the law?

    No John, as on so many other things, you are wrong. Come November the sound of the US voters telling you that will be ringing in your ears.

  6. “They’re dinosaurs, proud rulers of all they see, bellowing as they look up at the new star, slowing growing in brightness in the night sky”

    What????? What are hell you taking????

    And here again we have another drug induced rant from Mr. Perdue. Keep to the bloody subject, man!

    I can only assume you are one of the following: You are either (a) a failed journalist with a substance abuse problem, (b) an unemployed person trying to be a journalist (also with a substance abuse problem), or (c) a twit who just discovered the cut’n’paste function on your Fisher-Price laptop, because lets face it, all your posts are exactly the same.

    Grow up. Move on. Diversify your rants. And stay off that crap you’re taking,.

  7. LOL@ Tel.

    Actually, Mr. Perdue is an ageing self proclaimed communist who uses these sites to advocate some kind of uber-left proletarian uprising. He apparently associates gay rights with left wing communism. You can see the similarities between Mr. Perdue’s communist rant above and the same delightful propaganda language used by Khrushchev or Stalin.

    He has previously demonstrated himself to have some kind of mental health problems with feverish rants and bitter attacks on others in this forum who dare to offer an opinion. Communism, you see, does not tolerate free speech or diverse opinion. So he seems to support gay rights, but differing opinions and free speech are not tolerated. Kind of a dystopia world vision there, don’t you think?

    As you have “opposed him”, he’ll start on you next. He’ll call you a conservative and probably a accuse you of opposing gay rights, although where he gets this from I’d like to see.

    The man is a liar, a charlatan and a contemptible fool, its best to ignore him as you would a tantrum throwing child.

  8. Oh, and on the article, what worries me most if the line “We need to make sure legislation doesn’t lead to a flood of frivolous lawsuits or infringe on religious institutions”

    In other words, I’ll fight for all American, but those of one church and one faith will be above the others and untouchable. How 15th century of him to say so.

  9. A nice bit of question dodging there, Mr McCain! Please tell me this fool will not win the election. We need another Democrat in there to undo all the crap of the last eight years.

    But then I am reminded of something my mother-in-law said… “I want McCain to win: he looks like an American President”. Oh dear…

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