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London gay youth left permanently paralysed by homophobic attack

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  1. Edward in Los Angeles 3 Oct 2008, 12:16am

    Your courts need to throw the book at this gang of five youths. The problem is, too often a jury only sees the cherubic little faces of these offenders, in court, dressed up in their Sunday finest – and somehow the jury can’t get their minds around putting them away. Or perhaps it’s a vague feeling of guilt, like maybe the jury thinks if only there had been a concerned adult around to correct the offender’s upbringing none of this would have happened. NO. No way…Ungh uh. The time is up for showing leniency toward people who attack gay people I don’t care what their age. A jury needs to give this gang 20 years each without the possibility of parole, get the media to report it and let that sink in the next time some juvenile bastard decides he wants to attack another gay youth.

  2. GBH for paralysing someone – it makes me sik to my stomach.It amazes me that people say to me ‘There’s no homophobia around these days is there?’ YES THERE IS & IT’S GETTING WORSE!’.

  3. Cllr JP Floru 3 Oct 2008, 9:53am

    Absolutely appalling and unacceptable. Hopefully, with Sir Ian Blair gone, we will finally get New York style zero tolerance policing in London.

  4. Daivd Griff 3 Oct 2008, 9:57am

    GBH is an indictable offence and extremely serious with a maximum sentence of life imprisonment there is no higher offence they could charge that would have any chance of making it passed a jury, so it’s not really fair to be disparaging to the CPS for choosing GBH over attempted murder. I think the prosecution should claim the defendant is insane lets see how they like spending their lives in a specialist NHS hospital like Broadmoor.

  5. Well, good thing he didn’t die. Hopefully they will get off with a suspended sentence and community order they can slope off of after a few weeks. Everyone knows our prisons are full, and even if they did go inside, they could watch telly all day with their feet up, whilst passing around a joint.

    This government makes an utter mockery of law and order and if people commit crimes like that, they should be hung from the nearest lamp post for all to see. I suspect that would induce a rapid reduction in such crimes, but the usual bleeding heart liberals are bound to complain about “human rights” yet again.
    What about that poor guys rights now that he has been confined to a wheelchair for the rest of his life?

  6. In this case it would seem right and proper that the criminal became the servant of the wronged. We must be more creative in the use of proven criminals. The prison system is as a concept, far too shallow.

  7. Robert, ex-pat Brit 3 Oct 2008, 2:45pm

    Charlene, yes of course and the gay apologists for the conservative and BNP parties would also dispute that there is homophobia involved here, the same gay and straight xenonophobes who support the Home Office’s policy of deporting gay asylum seekers back to an uncertain fate in their own equally homophobic countries. These bastards should get a life sentence without parole with hard labour thrown in.

  8. Well, “ex-pat Brit”, lets send them to the country you now reside, considering you went and fucked off elsewhere yourself. Typical Leftie. Runs away from where all the real shit is happening and shouts about it, telling us all what to do from over the fence.

    We have enough crap to worry about in our own country without the rest of the entire planets worldly worries. Yes, sad and all that, but likewise, that then sets a precedent that we have to look after every single person, genuine and carpetbagger alike, and frankly we have neither the time, the money or the resources to manage these people. This country is already a dumping ground for other countries problems, along with all the other sponging bastards (sorry, economic migrants).

  9. Mary Flying Eagle Ray 3 Oct 2008, 8:35pm

    Such a price to pay,this unforgivable attack, for doing nothing
    more than being your true self. My heart hurts for this young man,and
    all my lesbian sisters/gay brothers who have suffered the narrow
    mindness/wrath of hate mongers.Prayers, prayers, prayers to The Great
    Spirit. This must stop.
    Mary Flying Eagle Ray

    Spirit. This must stop!!!!

    Spirit,for all. This must stop.

    for all.

  10. Maybe we can all just exchange email addresses and bicker on between ourselves that way. The comments on the original story of the attack turned into a slanging match between the deluded and the morally bankrupt lets not continue the tradition.

    “Olly” my thoughts are with you and I hope you can find the strength to continue on despite what life seems to have thrown you.

  11. Sister Mary Clarance 3 Oct 2008, 9:38pm

    Coming from a London borough where both the police and the local authority do take things like this extremely seriously, I’m staggered that the ever growing number of serious attacks has not been addressed.

    Other than tutting and shaking their heads what exactly are the politicians, like George Galloway, the local Labour councillors, the police and their Safer Neighbourhood Teams, the local authority and the anti-social behaviour officers all doing to address this issue?

    All the mechanisms should be in place and the man power available in a central London borough to address this type of incident cluster and it’s staggering that those in positions of power have not tasked sufficient resource to ensure that this type of attack, repeated with startling regularity, is not prevented from re-occurring.

    What the f**k is going wrong there?

  12. Cowboy in Texas 3 Oct 2008, 10:27pm

    London Police are so proud of the thousands of video cameras all over the city, why doesn’t someone pull the footage for that fateful night in front George and the Dragon Pub and show THAT to the magistrate and jurers. See the worthless little shits exactly the way they are in public; then see what kind of lenient sentence they get.

    I think you should re-arm ALL your police and let them show the trash of London some REAL instantaneous justice.

    Here in Texas, we have an express lane to the electric chair!
    You kill someone here, we kill you back!

  13. theotherhalf 3 Oct 2008, 11:09pm

    ‘My heart hurts for this young man,and
    all my lesbian sisters/gay brothers who have suffered the narrow
    mindness/wrath of hate mongers.’

    i supose the Bisexuals and Trannies can get what’s coming to them?

    As to the original story: I suspect that the youths in question may not get long sentences from the Jury not because of any ‘bleeding heart liberalism’ but because the jury would like to paralyze a Poof themselves.

  14. theotherhalf 3 Oct 2008, 11:11pm

    may I also pass comment on all the blood thirsty idiots here:

    Grow up.

  15. Edward in Los Angeles 4 Oct 2008, 4:34am

    You want us to grow up theotherhalf? And what words, pray tell, do you have for the kid’s attackers?

  16. The Gay Community is with you, Olly, we love you.

  17. Once again, like so many other homophobic attacks, this story didn’t make the national news. Had this been a racist attack I’m sure it would have been there, but no, somehow it seems while racism, rightly so, is unacceptable some how homophobia is allowed to live on.

  18. JasonReese 4 Oct 2008, 2:29pm

    Hello my European friends, an article or two ago, i wrote to your community, that gay men and women, will always be targeted. Sad, i believe someone wrote, they will be more cautious. Cautious doesn’t do it. Organize and get a pro gay into your court system. Your system of government is still the 1700’s. In the United States we know the power is in the court systems. If you see a judge or any member of your system, who continually are anti gay example “light sentences for violent suspects” vote them out of office. There is more power in a voting booth, than given credit. Have recall votes, demonstrate court house, gets many pro gay and liberal citizens, you can find and organize. Use the tv, radio, newspaper and of course word of mouth.
    In todays world, a person should not be attacked because of their sexuality. But i know why they have this attitude. Wheather it be a judge a priest or gaybasher or hatebreed, people who preach this type of attitude realize one thing only. After they take a look in the mirror,It’s a lot easier to pick on someone else.
    I see the anger in your writing, this is the only way to help your cause. Remember, do not use violent tactics, like the suspects. Rise above the challenge. Remember some challenges are very tough, but not impossiable. Good Luck

  19. Andrea from Bologna, Italy 4 Oct 2008, 7:15pm

    I got no words for such an act of ignorance and evil like this.
    We gays all know what this 15 years old boy would deserve.

    All I can do for this poor guy Holly is to spread around what happened, and that’s what I’ve done- see my post on

    Hi everybody,
    good luck Olly!

  20. Andrea from Bologna, Italy 4 Oct 2008, 7:18pm

    I have no words for this, we gays all know what that 15 years old boy would deserve…

    All I can do is report it on, our blog in Italy, to spread it around as much as possible…

    Good luck Olly

  21. That area of London is actually very hip and busy with clubs and bars , barely half a mile from Liverpool Street station. For a 15 year old from East Ham to be going there to commit a crime, suggests queer-bashing with intent. (Unfortunately young people have been given free transport in London for over two years). That pub is on the Hackney Road, on the boundary between the borough of Tower Hamlets and the borough of Hackney.

    Youths up to the Age of 16 in Britain have had no deterrents from crime until about 4 years ago, when ASBOs, (Anti-social Behaviour Orders) were introduced. Prior to that, they were running around like feral animals. Even now, a youth under the age of 16 convicted of murder will not be thrown in to jail, but will end up in a “secure unit”, which costs about £700 a day, and are cushy “hotels” where all the molly-coddling psychologist profession and their social worker lackies bound by law and government policy to treat the Young Criminal as a “Victim”, one who should be granted a blank slate when they become an adult!

    This story is a tragic confirmation of how Britain’s Social, Political, Government, Police and Criminal Justice Systems still continue to fail to protect its law-abiding citizens from youth crime.

  22. theotherhalf 4 Oct 2008, 10:07pm


    You must have been sloping off with the boys round the back of the bike sheds when they discussed Logic and morality in class. I’ll run it past you, it’s realy quite simple:

    1. Murder is wrong.
    2. If murder is wrong then state Murder is wrong.

    Now we’ve got that out of the way can we get on with the a to z?

    Gerry: I appreciate your anger but you won’t cure institutionalized homophobia by locking up a few Queer Bashers and throwing the keys away. What about asking what sort of society raises Kids who want to go out and kill in the name of defending their own masculinities? Unless we ask serious questions about our society this will happen again and again.

  23. How come just cos he is a queer it makes the fight/attack a ‘homophobia crime’? If u are a queer and u get hit on its just bad luck like everyone else. Oh noooo if u a queer than its ‘really bad’ lol. In my skool queers stay shut up and thats the way it should be, why should they be any diffent too boys like me and my mates?..Rob 15yrs in Dec.

  24. A large part of the problem lies in the messages that come from our media. We are all taught from an early age in this country (and almost every country for that matter, including the US) to laugh at, belittle and dislike LGBT people. The word “gay” is routinely used as an insult or to mean “lame”. This casual hatred LGBT people needs to be nipped in the bud, weeded out of tv and radio and countered in the classroom. Until then, what happened to Ollie is destined to happen again and again.

  25. Olly our thoughts are with you I hope that you can lead the pride march next year and re politize the event. Olly our thoughts are with you hopefully you can lead the pride march next year to repolitize the event Gay pride is a mockery and may be counterproductive. I’m sure it’s been taken over by homophobic people who want to confirm stereotypes. And the American visitors should check themselves Thomas hunter. Was murdered and the gay panic defence may be used

  26. Sister Mary Clarance 5 Oct 2008, 5:13pm

    I see they don’t teach spelling at your ‘skool’ then Robert. Possibly the reason the queers shut up is because they’re speechless at your ignorance.

    Also I think you must mean ’15 months in Dec’ surely?

  27. I think that the low level of moral and cognitive reasoning to commit such a crime is evident in the letter from the 15yr old Robert above.This is unfortunatley, typical of a vast number of our youth today. A dumbing down and numbing of society and morals is the real danger

  28. My thoughts and prayer are for the victim and his family, such a crime to be who you are in society, I live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and take it for granted the rights and tolerance of the gay, lesbian, trans, intersexed and 2 spirited people are afforded in Canada, including the right to marry who we love.

  29. Bill Perdue 7 Oct 2008, 11:46pm

    Obviously the authorities should indict under laws that will insure the maximum punishment possible.

    If the law rejects execution in favor of long prison sentences for racist and homobigoted violence then the prison time has to be useful. Hard labor for 16 hours a day for life should be imposed to create a fund to compensate their victims. We need public reassurance that these swine are being treated with an involuntary, robust regimen of medically supervised treatment with anti-psychotics and tranquilizers.

    The law should include a provision that persons who advocate racist and homophobic violence be charged as co-conspirators with the thugs who do the violence. That would take a lot of christist and islamist cult leaders and a even more racists off the streets.

    Unfortunately those laws wouldn’t do much to shut up racists and xenophobes like Ron Neal. His type, which infests the BNP and the Tories, are scheming and as a rule far too cowardly to openly advocate violence. Nevertheless you can read his cackling glee in spreading right wing racist garbage in every comment he makes.

  30. Bill Perdue 7 Oct 2008, 11:50pm

    I wonder if Rob Neal ever had a son, and if he’s “Rob 15yrs in Dec”.

  31. Sister Mary Clarence 8 Oct 2008, 11:16am

    Well f**k me Bill that’s certainly a bit of a corker there. Hypocrisy knows no bounds with you, it really doesn’t.

    “Hard labor for 16 hours a day for life should be imposed ….” and “…. these swine are being treated with an involuntary, robust regimen of medically supervised treatment with anti-psychotics and tranquilizers ….”

    Only two paragraphs later you are accusing someone else of spreading right-wing garbage.

    Since you insist on politicising even the horrific injuries imposed on this poor kid, the area where this happened is Labour controlled in a country with a Labour government. The Tories don’t even get a look in.

    We should be asking why those Labour councillors have not done more to ensure adequate resources have not been tasked to address the spiralling violence towards gay people in the area. It is well with their gift to do so and they have regular access to the crime stats in the area through the SNT ward panel meetings that they SHOULD be regularly attending if nowhere else.

  32. Robert, ex-pat Brit 8 Oct 2008, 3:11pm

    Rob Neal, you’re apparent xenophobia is quite revealing but not surprising coming from the far right. When people like you lose an argument or credibility, you resort to foul language, smear tactics, insulsts and in this instance, xenophobic rants, the sign of a desperate, inadequate, insecure apologist for the right wing.

  33. This kid will now need ongoing support for the rest of his life.
    Does anybody know if any support fund has been set up, or know how to go about setting one up, so that us gay folk can help to make things a bit easier for him?

  34. Bill Perdue 8 Oct 2008, 6:12pm

    I happen to agree that not enough is being done to end the beatings and harassment that the cults empower and encourage. That’s why I made my comments about sentencing and treating the cult leaders who advocate violence as co-conspirators with those who commit it.

    However any fair minded GLBT activist, and that excludes Tory Johnny-one-note shills like you, has to conclude that that Labour and the Lib Dems have done a lot for us from repealing your bigoted Section 28 to recently banning hate speech, which you, naturally, opposed. Where Labour has betrayed us is on the question of asylum, which naturally is the only question you agree with them about. Their asylum policy is homophobic and xenophobic, a perfect combination for a Tory.

    However, whatever progress has been made is negated by these rightwing cult attacks, beatings and murders. I don’t know the figures or trends in the murder of immigrant youth and GLBT youth, but they seem to be on the upswing. I do know that the typically Tory reaction of Ron Neal, who wants to see immigrant youth “hung from the nearest lamp post for all to see” are the politics of a racist pig. That’s why I condemned them, and rightly so. Naturally you’d never dream of doing the same, becasue you and your party pander to racsim, inflame it, and then when someone gets killed wring you hands and mutter, “Oh my, those violence prone immigrants> What did you expect?”

    The imams and the catholic bishops do the same when one of us is murdered. They “regret it” but add “after all “their chosen lifestyle is very dangerous”.

    This ongoing problem of aggressive beatings and murders of GLBT youth and immigrant youth, although you deny it every time they happen, are political and directly related to the shrill and increasing levels of homobigotry and racism emanating from cult leaders and from right wing political groups, such as the one you shill for.

  35. theotherhalf 8 Oct 2008, 7:22pm


    you are the one asking for enforced, aggressive punishment and ‘treatment’ so please don’t turn it round and claim other people are the aggressors.

    Your way to end aggression is to dish it out. Can’t you see there is a problem there?

    Oh and if one more person links the BNP and the Tory party without proving the link then I might end up voting for them to spite you.

  36. Sister Mary Clarence 8 Oct 2008, 7:28pm

    Bill, my reality challenged little friend – please provide even the smallest shred of evidence that even one of the accusations you have thrown at me is true.

    Actually don’t both. All your petty little Trotzky ranting do is detract from the real issue here that this poor young guy and a number of others before him have been let down appallingly by those in a position of responsibility who should have ensured that the streets of Hackney were safe for gay, straight, black, white, British or otherwise to walk the streets at night and they have failed to do so.

  37. Bill Perdue 9 Oct 2008, 4:50am

    You are no ones friend, twisted sister, except Thatchers.

  38. i feel sick reading this storry, how could someone do this to a human, olly keep ya head high and keep strong x

  39. Pumpkin Pie 5 Aug 2009, 2:05pm

    I’ve never liked the way that the news only tends to report the initial incident, but not the resolution. In cases like this, the resolution is often of great interest.

    Sadly, I’ve discovered that only one of these gang members was ever charged: a 16 year old with an IQ of 56. All the others seem to have gotten off scot-free. Insult to injury, it seems.

  40. Pumpkin Pie 5 Aug 2009, 2:06pm

    Oh, and I have no idea what that thug was sentenced to, either.

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