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US accused of not overturning ban on HIV+ visitors

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Reader comments

  1. Terry Floyd Johnson 1 Oct 2008, 7:18pm

    Is anyone really surprised that Bush and the Republicans aren’t hurrying to allow this new way of treating HIV+ visitors to the United States.

    Bushie baby wants to be King, and since he gave himself the power to take over in a time of national emergency; he may move to solidfy his power, by declaring a national emergency over the banking problem, calling off elections, sending the Supreme Court and Congress home, becoming LEADER of the country which was once known for its democracy, now is under the tyranny of Bush, his cronies and the Royal Party, who all now become Nobles, over King Bush of Bushland.

    This is a theory, but a very real one.

    Bush does not care if others die or are treated badly; as long as he and his and his nobles are making money, have top dog position, and want for nothing.

    Don’t expect to see any movement on this until the democrats get in- the hate filled republicans or royals, aren’t concerned with HIV+ people, only to help the cemetaries make money so they can pay taxes to the national treasury.

    The Biblical raise of the Anti-Christ is upon us; or for secular- Congress has given power in the U.S. to its first wantabee King- King Bush, through their voting on the Patriotic Act, and other unconstitutional things the royals have done to set up America for a takeover by the Royals.

    America may die in the coming days.