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Top author to create gay characters

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Reader comments

  1. “In Corduroy Mansions, Mr McCall Smith’s latest work, he portrays a gay character who realises that he is actually straight.”
    Well it’s certainly unusual, but does anyone actually know anyone that fits this description? In my experience genuinely straight people tend to stick to being straight from the outset (the 3 pints joke notwithstanding), and the closet types tend to start out as straight and turn gay as their confidence increases. Bisexuals tend to be bisexual all along. Is there another category of LGBT that I haven’t previously encountered? The overtly gay guy who “ins” himself?

  2. Well – it is different for sure – normally it is the straight accepting/realising that he/she is gay
    Why not change the obvious !!
    It is good I suppose for a writter to change the “rules” and go in other directions – whaterver they are

    I like the idea

  3. I like the idea of changing the obvious “rules” straight to gay
    Great movement for a writter I think – to change it all

  4. OK, I guess you can allow a little artistic licence in works of fiction. Just curious whether he was basing it on direct observation or whether he simply wanted to turn the concept of coming out on its head ;)

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