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Morocco may give gays some rights ‘within fifty years’

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Reader comments

  1. Bill Perdue 29 Sep 2008, 2:38pm

    Fifty years. That’s slow and gradualist enough to satisfy even the most bigoted Tory. But not the rest of us.

    We can’t dictate the methods and pace of the struggle of our brother and sisters in Muslim countries. Their lives are at stake and survival is their priority. Also, their cultural definition of being gay or lesbian is not the same as ours. We can best help by waging an international campaign against the murders organized by the mad ayatollahs of Iraq and Iran and their counterparts in the anglo catholic and roman catholic cults. I’m referring to vermin like Ratzinger and Akinola.

    One of the most important steps we can take is to join the antiwar movement to demand the total and immediate withdrawal of all US and English military, ‘security’ and mercenary forces from the Middle East to bases in their home countries. And to support the demand that the US cut the purse strings that pay for the apartheid and mass murder committed against Palestinians. The understandably violent rage of the muslim and Arabic cultures to the vicious zionist treatment of Palestinians and the even worse US/English genocide in Iraq, Afghanistan, and now Pakistan create the social chaos that leads directly to the murder campaigns against our brothers and sisters.

    Stopping the war and withdrawing all support from the zionists will do wonders for restoring a safer climate for GLBT folks in the region.

  2. You do not identify where this conference took place or any other kind of information on who sponsored it, etc.

  3. Catholics – tick
    Pope – tick
    Torys – tick
    Racist comment against the English – tick
    Off at a tangent – tick
    Israel – tick
    USA – tick
    Geographical confusion – tick
    Irrational conclusions – tick
    Marxist harebrained nonsense – tick

    That’s nearly all squares covered on the Bullshit Bingo card in just 4 paragraphs.

    Bill, is there no way you can blame Oliver Cromwell for the persecution of gays in Morocco and then we’ve got a full house?

  4. Fifty years? And we’re supposed to be happy for that? Oh yes, only two more generations to go.

  5. 50 years?!? At this rate the Pope will beat them to it!

  6. Bill Perdue 30 Sep 2008, 6:33pm

    Lukes ranting and his racist islaophobia are his only claim to fame. In a decent society he’d be compelled to take his anti-psychotic meds.

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