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Greeks protest for same-sex marriage ahead of trial

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Reader comments

  1. I find it upsetting that for a gay or lesbian couple they have to do d a loophole in the law to get married
    It is tryley tragic that we after over 40years are still not allowed to share are love with each otherand the world truely sad times

  2. I find it encouraging that there are now some Greek people who are prepared to stand up for our rights. Following the centuries of Ottoman rule, Greeks tended to cling to a highly conservative interpretation of orthodoxy. Gays were “Dinger Dongers” and ridiculed, kept out of sight and mind, as I was from my partner’s family. (They all knew we were fucking, but refused to acknowledge me)I saw little tolerance in them, not for me or for their own gay son.
    Things have changed in Greece. The long visibility of LGBT people has not been without problems, especially on Mykonos and Lesvos, but on balance the conservative Greeks have realised we do not have two heads or are any worse than any other foreign tourist that turns their land upside down.
    There was a report last year in the Grauniad about Tilos and the trouble brewing following the ceremony, that interviewed local people in the town and I was encouraged by the number of ordinary people who thought that the couples should have been left free to marry.
    Typical comments can be summed up as “I’m not (GLBT) but if they want to, why shouldn’t they? It doesn’t harm me.”. This is a far cry from the older Greek mentality of you-are-not-gay-because-I-make-you-hide-it.
    This is the main result of decades of visibility and campaigning and represents quite a sea-change. There is much to do, and this court case proves it, but I support everyone who will help make being Gay in Greece more tolerable.

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