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George Osborne offers two year council tax freeze

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Reader comments

  1. The line at the top of my web browser say’s “all the latest gay news from the gay community – pink news” Perhaps you should rename your strap “all the latest tory news from the gay community”

  2. We have such a lot to thank the conservative party for in the last 40 years of gay rights legislation and community respect.
    I am sure you will all agree that a freeze on council tax is excellent gay news for the gay community.

  3. thanks but this isnt gay news in anyway – also as usual PINK NEWS FAILS TO REPORT THE WHOLE FACTS OF IT’S CHOSEN STORIES TIME AND TIME AND TIME AGAIN.

    Any council tax freeze is entirly conditional on the local council having reduced their spending in the previous financial year. Only councils who achieve this target will qualify within the stated 2 year freeze.
    The shadow minister has also specifcally used the term ‘familys’ in relation to the possible tax freeze, suggesting that it may not apply to single people or couples without children.
    The knock on effect is that community resources will be cut right accross England as councils clammer to comply with the scheme. This may include the removal of funds for council supported gay and lesbian education and safe sex promotional groups.
    The scheme is a politcal device to depopularise leftwing local council on the basis on their high spending and encourage local populations to vote in wholesale low spending conservative councils based on a vague possibility of a 2 yr tax freeze alone, rather than on assesing the over all suitablity of local candidates.

    The council tax must be reformed. But there is no mention of this longstanding and acknowledged issue in this rather trite teaser.

  4. Brian Burton 14 Apr 2009, 6:49pm

    George Osborne, he’s as streaght as a dog’s hindleg!

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