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Gay leader assassinated in Baghdad

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Reader comments

  1. Robert, ex-pat Brit 26 Sep 2008, 12:53pm

    Maybe he should have listened to the Home Office’s advice along with the gay xenophobes who post here…. be discreet, keep a low profile and no harm will come to you, then you can live freely and without fear. Disgusting!

  2. No doubt the Homes Secretary and Harriet Harman still think gay people are safe in Iraq and Iran as long as they keep their head’s down! However, they would jump through hooops for women or people persecuted and murdered for religion, race, or politics – hypocrites!

    We liberated Iraq from a brutal secular dictatorship, and have allowed a primitive, tribal, god-ridden one to replace it.

  3. How this country has fallen… once upon a time this country borne the beginnings of civilisation with the Sumerian culture with mathematics, art and the first writing. Now their a pack of scared rabble screaming at their deity and killing innocent people for their stupid belief system.

    Allāhu Akbar, indeed… he must be *so* proud of them.

    Next we’ll see them banging stones together to make fire.

  4. Gino Meriano 26 Sep 2008, 2:48pm

    my heart goes to Basher and his family

    Gino xxxxx

  5. “Be Discreet indeed”? — May their god do his worst with these muderers who take it upon themselves to kill in his name. How dare they? They are not acting in any God’s name. They are mearly frightened thugs carrying out the wishes of a totalitarian religio-fascist clerics.

  6. Something that your article does not mention (which I found on the French site Tetu) is that Bachar is thought to have been identified by his killers from an article published in a Australian gay mag. He was apparently easily recognisable but the Australian journalist had apparently promised to take out of Irak. He did not keep his word… If this is true, it is very very sad!

  7. The killers – I question their sensibilities. Are they sensitive, caring human beings who care for humanity? If you had a difficulty would they help you? Can you imagine looking into their eyes; would they be filled with compassion and a will to help? Or are they betrayers of Man?

  8. Obviously, the only human response to this act is sorrow and distress. One’s thoughts are with the family and friends of the deceased.

    But those so conspicuously outraged by this act might like to consider the lawless state of Iraq, and the number of innocent Iraqis killed since the beginning of the occupation (at least 87,643 according to – how many of them gay or lesbian?). Under Saddam Hussein, appalling as his regime was, LGBT people were not singled out for persecution. In the anarchy that still prevails – aided in many areas by the coalition-supported Iraqi police and troops – honour-killings and homophobic attacks are now frighteningly common. Is this the democratic and enlightened regime that the overthrow of Saddam promised?

  9. Why are the liberals so surprised?
    Did you really think you could make peace with islam
    Did you really think you could turn your own country over to islam
    Did you really think your multiculurism
    Would stop the Islamic butchers from turning on
    This is Islam and the liberals are all RUSHING
    to embrace them..
    I dont know whats worse
    The islamic Nazis who just are trying to kill all of us
    the Treasonist bastard liverals who are helping them.?

  10. How come we do ot have a Mexican consulate? Who cares? I just read a related blog at Wealthy site Really a mess!

  11. Jcila –
    I really like the way you’ve enjambed your little tirade. It really emphasises the poetic qualities of your (knowing and ironically) insane rant. And such ingenious use of capitalisation! Truly, you are the e e cummings of dribbling, knuckle-dragging, Mail-reading xenophobia. Nevertheless, I feel obliged to make the following points, in haiku form:

    This was in Iraq;
    Your spluttering is in vain.
    I call Godwin’s Law.

  12. Sorry rjb, your crude insults and attempts to defend the indefensible won’t wash – jcila reflects the views of everyone I know. Fundamentalist Islam is incompatable with western democracy, its values are primative, brutal and hark back to the dark ages.

    Liberal apologists will be condemned by future generations of Britons just as we condemn those who sought to appease the jack-booting Nazis 70 years ago.

    Jcila is the informed one, rjb the deluded apologist of evil.

  13. Robert, ex-pat Brit 27 Sep 2008, 2:03pm

    And idiots such as George Bush call Islam a great religion? Where are the islamic peacemakers in all this if its such a peaceful “cult”? the answer is, NONE. While I’m at it, why aren’t the christian and jewish cults condemning this brutality? Its deafening!

  14. Well said eddie and jcila. We have islamic leaders in the UK who OPENLY advocate murdering us. The simpering liberals refuse to address this and prefer to spout off against some Christian preacher or Conservative politician who opposes gay marriage.

    The hypocrisy and stupidity of these idiots is breathtaking.

    Cue shrieks of “islamophobia” from the marxist apologists.

  15. Luke, Robert, and eddie:
    What is the issue here? Is it that a gay man has been (deplorably) killed in Iraq, or is it your unease about Muslim immigration in the UK? These seem to me to be completely separate issues, but jcila – for all his creative attitude towards the grammatical rules of English prose-writing – has succeeded in conflating them. While I know that evangelical atheists on this site are convinced that religious belief is the root of all evil, I don’t think this particular muder has anything (much) to do with Islam. It has everything to do with the anarchy at large in Iraq, a situation for which the US and UK are largely responsible.

    I don’t particularly think I’m a Marxist apologist (Marxists generally don’t care much for religion), I certainly don’t think I’m a “deluded apologist for evil” (although that is certainly pretty religious language). And obviously I don’t support fundamentalist Islam or violence against LGBT people. But nor am I prepared to characterise Islam as primitive and brutal (I know for a fact that it isn’t), and I’m not going to claim that all the evil in the world is the fault of religion of any type whatsoever.

  16. Excuse ne,but how is Islam a religion of peace ? We had yesterday in New York activist, religious anti war leaders and Obama supporters were honoring the Iranian leader, the one that said there is no homosexuals in Iran. Could it be because they are hanged? By the way Obama’s advisor the iranian/jewish owner of the Hotel sponsored it.Outside Gays , Christians and Jews were protesting.

  17. Bill Perdue 28 Sep 2008, 11:54am

    Racism and islamophobia are modern day versions of the anti-Semites of the 1930’s and of anti-African racism. These sniveling vermin aren’t fit to live among humans. The remarks we’ve read make us wonder if some of them have a picture of old Adolph hanging in the attic.

    Robert is right. Most Religious cults are decidedly homophobic, especially the roman cult and the Shiite ayatollahs of Iraq and Iran. But that has nothing to do with the rights of immigrants, many of whom are fleeing the violence created by the US invasion and occupation which is solely about the theft of oil and which, aided by the English military, has murdered over a million civilians in Iraq alone. The invasion and the genocide are justified on the basis of rank racism and islamophobia, which is a recent invention of depraved pro-war advocates in the US and the EU.

    The US and their English allies have armed, at one point or another, both Shiite militias and Sunni special police to promote the communal violence which has torn Iraqi society to shreds and left hundreds of thousands dead. All of those deaths are the result of the Carter/Bush invasion aided by their partners in genocide, Recognizing that working people in the aggressor countries should do all they can to insure a welcome for refugees, and insist that the police protect them from racist thugs.

    Both Sunni and Shiite collaborationist groups have used the weapons and training they got from the aggressor states to hunt down and kill GLBT folk, and the cost has been terrible.

    In a decent society, if cult leaders uttered homophobic remarks or incited violence they’d be arrested and given the same sentence as their co-conspirators, the thugs who committed the violence. The assets of these depraved bigots, whether priest, bishop, minister, mullah, pope, or imam, and their cults assets, should be confiscated without compensation to pay reparations to victims of bigotry, whether racist or homophobic.

    That’s no pie in the sky notion. In the 1980’s and 90’s a US civil rights/civil liberties group, the Southern Poverty Law Center, headquartered in the heart of bigotland, Montgomery, Alabama, began representing African American and Native American plaintiffs who’d been victimized by the KKK. The SPLC sued the KKK and the courts took their assets, buildings, cars, bank accounts etc. and compensated the KKKs victims. It effectively broke the back of the KKK. Anti-racist and anti-homophobic groups everywhere should look to do the same thing to cults and individual who promote violence by the vile bigoted statements. Better hide your money, Luke, if the idea catches on.

    www dot splcenter dot org

  18. Rjb, you present your argument in a perfectly civilised manner, so we’ll have at agree to disagree.

    However, right on cue, Billy Bolshevik chimes in with his unique contribution of straw man arguments, distortions and a view of current affairs that would embarrass a houseplant.

    There’s the usual attack on the evil English (funny, I thought it was the British who were fighting with the USA, but the Scots, Irish and Welsh probably don’t figure on Bills little red map of the world).

    And where would we be without Bill’s comparisons with the Nazis? Yep, you object to some homicidal imam wanting to chuck you off the highest building in town, and you’re a Nazi for wanting to spoil his fun.

    Incidentally Bill, when you bring up the subject of anti African racism, you never seem to condemn the slaughter of Blacks in Darfur by Arabs? Why is that? Answers on a postcard to:

    The Mad Marxist
    Dhimmi City

  19. Sister Mary Clarence 29 Sep 2008, 12:24am

    “…. Billy Bolshevik chimes in with his unique contribution of straw man arguments, distortions and a view of current affairs that would embarrass a houseplant”

    Oh Luke, not heard from you a while, but you’re certainly still on form. I love you!!

    And Bill, can it be (The remarks WE’VE read make US ….), can it really be that you’ve found a friend (I’m picturing maybe the postman or newspaper delivery boy bound hand and foot, gagged, and near suffocation in a small, darkened cupboard in your trailer)? Or perhaps psychosis has really kicked in and you’re referring to your own multiple personalities?

  20. Sister Mary, thank you for your kind words and I hope you are keeping well (especially at this time of financial turmoil). I haven’t posted much recently, but do like to keep an eye on what’s going on in the Pink world!

  21. Bill Perdue 30 Sep 2008, 6:23pm

    Because they’re terminally dense and unable to formulate a political analysis beyond Luke’s tiresome racist tirades and twisted sister’s usual dose of limp Tory partisanship, they’re providing us with another example of their foul smelling logorrhea.

    As always, they’re pathetic.


  22. sharp john 1 Oct 2008, 9:50am

    Religion rules we die .
    no religion we live .
    one sad proof if need be that god does not exist.
    we should bring to court all the religious books and leaders who advocate sectarian views .

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