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London to host Muslim LGBT conference

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Reader comments

  1. I hope this is publicised in the mainstream press too. It is far too easy to slip into ‘us & them’ mentality particularly as some religions are so outspoken about homosexuality. It is important to remember that not all muslim, christian, hundu, sikh etc is a homophobe. Some of them are gay too!

  2. Bill Perdue 26 Sep 2008, 12:20pm

    This is good news and should help to combat the racists and islamophobes in our own communities. I hope some one can get the proceeding on YouTube or a similar format.

    We could use that here in the US, where racist islamophobia is on the rise generally and in the GLBT communities as the US prepares to stay in Iraq, escalate in Afghanistan and attack Pakistan and/or Iran, while our economy tanks.

  3. I don’t see many of the racists and homophobes – usually so noisy on this forum – posting here…
    What a shame.

  4. Riaz ahmed F 7 Oct 2008, 1:51pm

    I heartly welcome your service.As i am very proud to say a muslim,but i could not expose my gay interest to anyone and living in a hell life in my country India. i would like to join as one of a team worker in your umbrella. is it possible pl?

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