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Harman condemned for failing to stop deportation of gay asylum seeker

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Reader comments

  1. Robert, ex-pat Brit 25 Sep 2008, 12:57pm

    Its beyond shameful and don’t expect under change under Cameron either.

  2. If Babi Badalov had been Jewish or Black and being persecuted there would have been no question about him being deported. Why is the persucution of homosexuals not treated in the same way?

  3. First Harriet Harman appoints an evangelical homophobe as an Equality and Human Rights Commissioner. (We’re appointing a fox to the Henhouse Protection Committee to ensure more diversity of opion. Yeah, right!)

    Now she doesn’t lift a finger to prevent a gay asylum seeker from being deported back to his homophobic country of origin, where he most surely will face emotional and physical violence – and possibly even death.

    What’s going on??? I believe that Harriet Harman has entered into a secret competition with Iris Robinson. Although the Dishonorable Robinson took an early commanding lead, Harman is doing everything she can to bridge the gap. She’s catching up quickly!

  4. Dennis Hambridge 26 Sep 2008, 12:48am

    The Uk Government, Home Office and Harman likes to pretend that they support LGBT Human Rights, the stark reality is that they are “INTERRELATED HOMOPHOBICS”

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