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Eight injured in attack on gay festival in Sarajevo

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Reader comments

  1. Yet again! religion used to oppress and hurt people; when will they ever learn!!!

  2. Islamist deaths squads are hunting down gay Iraqis and summarily executing them:

  3. The entry of this country will be a litmus test of whether a country with a large Islam population can co-exist in the secular, liberal, democratic EU.

    It looks, after seeing all the various reports of homophobia from the benighted Balkans, that it will be a volatile mix

  4. Looks like Bosnia has a long long way to go before even getting on the list as a potential member of the EU. You would think that considering the recent war hstory there, the people would have an open tolerant perspective. Not so. The mad mullahs like their power, and getting the mobs to attack harmless gay people is a way of uniting the muslim mob.

    People can worship any imaginary deity/animal/god they like, if they are dumb enough, but human rights come first. Gay prides around the world should next year be held during ramadan, to show these islamic dimwits that they do not rule the world.

  5. Bill Perdue 26 Sep 2008, 11:54am

    This is just as despicable as similar christian attacks in Russia, the Ukraine, Serbia, Croatia, and elsewhere. You would think that all muslims in the Balkans, remembering the christian genocide of the 1990’s would clamp down on these bigots and jail them for good.

    Religion is the enemy and so are those politicians who pander to religious bigotry, like Obama and McCain in the US, the Liberals in Australia, the DUP vermin and the rightist republicans in Ireland and the Tories in Canada and England.

    We won’t be able to take on the cults until we build, nation by nation, an internationalist GLBT Left sufficiently large and militant enough to compel, by mass action, the passage of laws outlawing hate speech and hate crimes with harsh sentences and confiscation, without compensation, of the assets of these bigot cults.

    That’s especially true of the depraved child rapists in the catholic cult and the bigoted murdering ayatollahs in Iraq and Iran. Although they wear different robes and headgear in Rome and Teheran, they’re fundamentally the same predatory, compulsively hate filled pack of liars, thieves and killers. They need to be rounded up and put away in places where they can’t harm anyone but themselves. Nobody has the motive or the will to do that but us.

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