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Bosnia gay festival closes after attacks at opening event

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Reader comments

  1. I find it rather sad that Britain, amongst many other non-islamic countries lost many soldiers, and many millions protecting the Muslims during the Bosnian war, only for them to inflict their warped beliefs back on what was meant to be a newly democratic society.

    So much for progress.

  2. What a bizarre and ill-informed remark. Do you think that Bosnian Muslims (and not all Bosnians are Muslim, by the way) ‘owe’ it to the West to adopt Western customs and values? By your logic, did Western Europe owe it to the Soviets after WWII to adopt Communism? Bosnia IS a democratic society; and it happens that the vast majority of Bosnians don’t think much of gays. It is hardly alone in its region there; the Orthodox Serbs and Catholic Croats no doubt feel similarly. You may feel their beliefs are ‘warped’, but you have the luxury (I assume) of living in a post-industrial, late-capitalist liberal democracy with a democratic tradition going back 800 years. If you bear in mind the traumatic history of the Balkan republics (from the Ottoman era until the 1990s), it is hardly surprising that the people might feel they have bigger fish to fry than the identity politics of a sexual minority.

  3. Who cares what religion they are, beating people is against the law. Only 5 of 70 face charges, those who assulted should be done for ABH & the rest, provoking violence.

  4. “it is hardly surprising that the people might feel they have bigger fish to fry than the identity politics of a sexual minority.”

    …and so that means its okay for them to beat the hell out of that minority because of some prehistoric religion tells them its okay to do so? Great logic there:- the laws protecting the *right* to personal safety of the individual is not that important because they have a boo-hoo story.

    If I may quote, “what a bizarre and ill-informed remark” you’ve just made.

  5. Good old Muslims taking Europe backwards again. Let’s face it, Brick Lane, or Bradford Pride would be almost the same, with the PC Police making sure it didn’t take place to enhance “community relations”

    I assume this post will be deleted by the Thought Police

  6. LGBT people are often very quick and very shrill to appeal for tolerance and space in the public sphere, but are not always so willing to allow this space to those with whom they disagree, especially those who are religious believers. They are also often reluctant to admit how recent tolerance of LGBT people has been in the West, and so make cheap and disparaging remarks about other societies which (to quote The Great Gatsby) “haven’t had all of the advantages you’ve had.”

    Obviously, I support the Bosnian activists (and, had I been in Sarajevo, would like to think I might join them). Of course I don’t think violence is “okay” in such a situation. But this was a nation facing genocide 16 years ago; a nation still economically deprived and politically unstable. To condemn Bosnians as bigots because they have not yet quite arrived at the state of toleration towards LGBT people which the UK might have arrived at 30 years ago, is incredibly myopic. To suggest that all Muslims are inherently violent and homophobic is just stupid.

  7. Lang Thang 28 Sep 2008, 7:19am

    These non-human actions are very please to pope Benedict XVI, he is smiling and say no words against his orders to christians around the world

  8. It’s deplorable how rjb refers to those thugs as ‘Bosnian activists’. It’s even worse when he/she seems to justify and link their actions to other recent political and historical events not the least connected to the LGBT cause. There’s a link between this recent violence and the commands of religious leaders though. They are as culpable of inciting hatred as the thugs themselves.

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