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Ruth Kelly to stand down from government

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Reader comments

  1. Good ridance to this catholic bigot. Just another follower of those who live in the 10th century. Hardly different then those who live in the 7th century, who gave us 9/11 and the subway bombings.

    But their power, superstitions, hatreds, and control, which is all they are about, is coming to an end. Glory to God!

  2. oh dear boohoo
    catholicism has been marked by ultra right anti reformist repressive political ideology for 25 years.
    Anyone who brings their religious convictions into their elected politcal role which is accountable and paid for by a pluralist-orientated socially reformist democratic society shows a lack of understanding regarding the boundries of their job.
    Why should we care if Blair or she is a catholic – and any way what does that mean – because in reality the political spectrum with catholic community reaches from extreme right to extreme left. The opinion of the pope is not the reflection of all catholic’s views, but of one specific (rightwing) point of view. So to start claiming that ‘christians’ as being ‘under attack’ is really very conservative people feeling miserable because their unresonable politcal demands are being defeated by well reasoned politics.

  3. Good riddance to a bigoted, Opus Dei weirdo with a mediocre intellect who could not reconcile her Dark Age superstitions with the needs of 21st century government.

  4. Just the first rat deserting Brown’s sinking ship! With a majority in her constituency of barely 2,000 votes over the Tories she knows her days in Parliament are numbered and the best post-Parliament jobs go to the quickets applicants.

  5. I think the only thing that could make me happier than this is finding out that the darling of Northern Ireland old Iris herself has also resigned & Joel Edwards has been kicked off the EHRC. Still, there’s always tomorrow.

    Chin up everyone, this is good news! A little victory for those who think religion has no place in politics. A litle victory maybe…but a victory nonetheless!

  6. actually I think the lady does protest too much ………

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