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Archbishop chastises vicar for blessing lesbian couple

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Reader comments

  1. This just indicates that even the Church in Wales, whihc has an undeserved reputation for liberalism, is as bigoted as the rest. it’s time we as gay people realised that we can expect nop support, only intolerance and bigotry, from all the other mainstream religions. Ultimately the Alnglicvans are not different from the papists: the enemy against whom we have to fight with all the force at our disposal.

  2. Oh what a lot of tosh, Harry. Do try to engage brain before letting your prejudices run away with you. This kind of thing is going on all the time in England and in Wales, as Archbishop Morgan is only too well aware. It’s actually going on in the “papist” church too, although the cognitive dissonance between what is pronounced ex cathedra and what actually occurs at grass-roots level is perhaps more striking in the case of the Roman Catholics than it is in the Anglican churches. It’s only when these private services reach the headlines (often as a result of a deliberate attempt by an activist priest to embarrass his bishop) as they did in London earlier this year that it becomes necessary for the diocesan authorities to intervene.

    Once again, I fear pinknews is showing is anti-clerical bias in the reporting of this non-story. I see no evidence of a “reprimand” from ++Morgan here. The Church of Wales is merely re-stating its official position, which is that – as there is no officially approved liturgy for same-sex blessings – such blessings cannot be officially recognised by the Church as a whole. The statement strikes me as extremely moderate, and it does not suggest that further action will be forthcoming. Looks to me like pinknews is trying to stir up a shitstorm in a clerical teacup.

  3. Having left Wales (never to return) when I was 19 – I can say for the place where I came from – hardly anyone went to church but homophobia was everywhere. The church has little influence on the majority of welsh people these days (IMHO).

  4. To rjb, who clearly suffers from sort of attachment to a supernatural being:

    If you are gay and religious I genuinely pity you as you are clearly preared to accept a second rate status for your life and relationships for the sake of participating in meaningless rituals. The essence of your post is that gays people should be prepared to put up with the ex-cathedra homophobia of the churches for the sake of some quiet hypocritical tolerance (as second rate beings) on the ground. I think you will find that most of us have more pride in ourselves, our partners and our lifestyle for that.

    Pinknews is indeed anticlerical and I commend it for that. There can be no real compromise between the gay community and the Christian comunity. As their influence falls our rights become more established.

  5. Rob Alexander 25 Sep 2008, 5:52pm

    There really only is one valid response to homophobia and that is to challenge it – again and again – in CofE or any other church. Their emptying pews evidence the sentiments of their congregations as they vote with their feet. That’ll have an impact eventually.

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