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Gay rumours surround McCain’s chief of staff

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  1. Gene Touchet 23 Sep 2008, 4:43pm

    Whoa! The Supreme Court in question is the California Supreme Court; the court did not overturn Prop 8, it overturned an initiative. Prop 8 is on the November ballot here in California; it would amend the California state constitution. Because of the California Supreme Court decision, as of today same-sex marriage is legal in this state. Prop 8 would remove that right.
    Each state has its own Supreme Court and its own Constitution. In cases of conflict, the Federal Constitution and Court system prevails.

  2. Why is it called a “rumor” when gay people are involved. What proof would be required … a video or anal fluid DNA sample? And why aren’t these stringent requirements of proof demanded of straights?

  3. Jon Freeman 24 Sep 2008, 1:27am

    Sounds like you’re trying to use gay rumors to hurt McCain. It seems to be a non-story to me.

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