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Brown sets out new policies to win back support

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Reader comments

  1. yes so wide ranging was his policy that you couldnt even put down one detail….
    personally i counted about three new policys and they were the usual specifically targeted concessions for very minority groups.
    The main points of this far reaching policy vision remain a centre-left/right agenda of extreme caution, non comitment to any specific ideology, the continuing dismantling of the benefit system for those who are both able and now even the vulnerable by the least expensive means possible and including privatisation, the delaying of massive house building schemes that have been promised for 20 years, when they should have been fast tracked, the failure to make policy about access to empty property or infact do anything useful because it would cause house prices to fall
    It’s all just so empty and afraid of itself.
    It is Obama and a radical shift to the left in America which will give permission for the left to start acting left in the UK and that is the sad bloody truth of it all.