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Potter’s galleons put Labour in good cheer

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  1. As a single man that lives on his own quite happily, The tories yet again offering money and tax incentives etc. to couples and couples with kids. Why should I have to finance someone else having kids. As it is I am subjected to extra expence being single. I get a 25% reduction in my council tax. I pay 75% and a couple living together pay 50% each why should I pay more? The police don’t come to my house any quicker. There is less rubbish in my bin when it gets emptied.It has been proven that it is more expensive for two single people to live seperatly than to live as a couple. How about some tax breaks for single people. As it is I also get charged more at hotels, end up paying more (per person) for fuel due to standing charge etc. Am i less value to society because I’m single? Having no kids means I’m less of a drain on society;no child benefit, no help with school meals, etc.