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George Michael arrested for drug offences

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Reader comments

  1. Crack cocaine is almost always a drug one uses in the privacy of ones own home, especially for a man of such obvious wealth as George Michael. Begging the question (for me) is that he was not merely “hanging around” the public toilet but actively attempting to lure someone into the life-threatening desease of crack-cocaine addiction. This man is showing himself to be a serial abuser of homosexuals. In my honest opinion, of course

  2. Robert, ex-pat Brit 21 Sep 2008, 1:13pm

    Clearly, George has a very serious drug addiction problem. It is similar to alcoholism, people often relapse. He needs to get into some serious rehabilitation programme and long-term therapy fast, otherwise he’ll end up losing his life. He’s lost control and deeply troubled and I suspect it has to do with his mother dying, something he has never been able to overcome. I have compassion for him, but in order to get out of the hole he’s in, he needs to admit he has a problem and address it, the first step to recovery.

  3. Ryan Haynes 21 Sep 2008, 1:14pm

    Really – I feel like I’ve stepped back in time. Is it really 21 Sept 2008 or am I in The Truman Show or Groundhog Day.

    Is this story really true?

  4. I think George is a wonderful man, and I only hope he manges to find out what is upsetting him o much and that he is able to end his demons. We love you george.

  5. Simon Murphy 22 Sep 2008, 11:14am

    Poor old junkie George. He needs to get his arse down to rehab pretty fast and start proper couselling. He’ll end up dead if he doesn’t address his obviously serious problems.

  6. agree he needs rehab, but isn’t showing much sign of looking for it. I think at the very least a heavy fine ( he can afford it) but preferably a short time behind bars should give him the hint. I’m not moralistic about drug use, but privacy of your own home, or a friends, not in a public toilet for gawd’s sake. And extremely irritating that once again a “celebrity” gets away with 3 cautions , this time for class A aswell as C, somehow i think a regular member of the public would have been prosecuted by now!

  7. having watched the comments today on the radio , tv etc regarding drug use, and some of the comments here as well. As a non drinker , smoker and drug user. I find it hard to believe how two faced every one is about drug use. Most of this counrty uses a drug daily, they have buildings dedicated to it use and you can buy it in supermarkets. It costs the uk billions in clearing up it use and its side effects and yet these people condem those who have found an alternative. This man problems are not about drugs use they are about why he needs to take them. I wish him all the very best and hope that he soon faces his demons and gets well soon.

  8. Simon Murphy 22 Sep 2008, 2:31pm

    Well the trouble with George is that he’s so rich that he can easily afford to feed his addictions – to either drugs or public toilet sex. A spell in the nick would do him good. I know that Kenny Goss was in rehab for alsoholism a couple of years ago. Why does he put up with George’s behaviour I wonder.

  9. oh dear

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