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Respect Holidays goes bust

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Reader comments

  1. NICHOLAS HEATH 20 Sep 2008, 10:57am

    What a shame, have used them many times. They were fantastic.

  2. jason payter 21 Sep 2008, 3:13am

    its been brewing for months respect have not paid their bils for ls almendros (grand canaria for several months proof is that i stayed there last week and had a poor time no bed linen no towels locked out of complex the complaints are endless so respect dont blame xl airlines for your own miss fourtune and thanks for a memeroble holiday &866.00 for a week

  3. Los Almendros taking bookings.

  4. What a shame, Gran Canaria and Villa Blancas have been the best holidays my partner, friends and i, have ever had.

  5. Really sad to hear that Respect have gone – been to Gran Canaria with them four times and always found them very professional, courteous and honest. It was like speaking to an old friend when ringing up to book. I hope something just as good comes along to replace this gap in the market once economic conditions improve.

  6. Ed,
    I’ve been on the phone all day to Amro and they have managed to reprotect my holiday to Gran Canaria in November… They told me they are extending their Gran Canaria portfolio to fill this gap in the market… and to be honest, they were much cheaper than I paid with respect and also very friendly.


  7. James Shaw 26 Sep 2008, 2:16pm

    Ed.. I picked Mantrav International for my booking, they actually own 2 gay men only resorts in Gran Canaria and they’ve also beaten the price I had paid with respect – which my credit card company refunded – instead of filling out lots of forms with ATOL and waiting 90 days.

    Theyve been going since 1990 and are well established – I spoke to someone there called Andrew or Andy, and he was really really helpful, he was a wealth of knowledge.


  8. Is that right Jamie… you sure you’re not from Mantrav promoting your own company?!?


  9. Hi guys, Ed from comment no 5 here (Ed from comment 8 is a different Ed!). Thanks for the information. Used Respect in the past for GC as wanted to stay at Los Almendros. Went to Ibiza too but booked direct with the accomm as they were cheaper than booking a package – I guess a bit of research is all that’s needed.

  10. My partner and I were booked to leave on 6th of October for Gran Canaria. I only found out last night. Nobody bothered to get in touch. We are in the process of booking separate flights and Accommodation. It’s put such a downer. I have never been so organised for a Holiday in my life..then this happens. I wonder will it be quiet there when we go because of this …I hope not!! I feel like I’ve been mugged.
    Niall -London

  11. Hi Ed I have also rebooked my travel plans with Andy from Mantrav who could not have been more helpful with sorting out an alternative holiday for me and my partner. We were due to travel in november and I have not been contacted at all by Respect. I only know they are bust from reading about it in pinknews. My creditcard company are happy to refund the full cost of the holiday booked with respect.

  12. I had a great holiday (3 Times) with Respect and always told friends about them as I had such a good time, sad to hear the news and like everyone else say I hope someone else as good comes along

  13. saw the holiday firm went bust. the caa told me not to go to the airport, so i didn’t. i paid it all by credit card. will be refunded in full? i just realised the airline was thomas cook, so that plane may not have been cancelled. does that matter or not?

  14. Andrew Jones 29 Sep 2008, 2:27pm

    Hi Guys,

    Thanks for the compliments!

    Gran Canaria is VERY busy at the moment, it is ridiculous trying to find accommodation for people as everywhere is full, there’s little availability left. Places with availability are gay friendly…

    If you paid by credit card to Respect just contact your credit card company advise them of the situation and within 60 days they should recredit your account.

  15. thanks andrew.

    my credit card company said i should be reimbursed. i just need to send tons of evidence of the transaction/holiday, etc.

    i did not even know the company had gone bust until just before leaving for gatwick. i didn’t receive an email or phone call from anybody. i phoned the the civil aviation authority and they told me not to go to the airport, then someone online later was telling i should have gone to the airport because i could still get on the plane. i would just be stranded at the las palmas airport once i got there.

    what a nightmare!

  16. bless, top time and many freinds with respect and Los Almendros,what will raymond do now?

  17. I travelled to Gran Canaria last December and booked the night before travel on line with Respect. They contacted me on my mobile enroute to Gatwick confirming that my flight tickets and accommodation was sorted and, to my releif, everything went smoothly. So full marks to the organisation in London HOWEVER the quality of staff employed by Respect abroad left me to wonder whether they would ever get a job back in the UK. There are certainly MUCH cheaper options to travel and stay at gay resorts and many of the prices charged by Respect were nothing less than eye-popping. Like many UK gay business, little consideration is taken to competitive market pricing ( and that includes clubs and bars!) and loyalty seldom rewarded! Yes, it’s a shame Respect has ceased trading but gay busineses should learn that no one has a manopoly in the market place.

  18. I have been on holiday with Respect a few times. They had access to some good accommodation but were definitely on the pricey side. Did feel a bit held to ransom just because I wanted to book with a gay travel company. Sorry that they’re gone though…

  19. email for worldpridetravel is sorry for the mistake guys :-)

  20. Travelled with Respect many times previously but disappointed with their handling of my last booking. Booked accomodation only with them just before they went bust. Wasn’t told by them that their ABTA/ATOL bond did not apply if accomodation only was booked. Consequently they went bust the day before I travelled and I had to pay nearly £500 for my accomodation again when I arrived at the resort – despite paying for it through Respect a month earlier. Not great customer service from a gay company servicing the gay community!

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