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Fathers 4 Justice target minister with “lesbo dads” banner

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  1. Nick Langford 19 Sep 2008, 6:31pm

    Hi Pink News. Today’s demonstration by the ‘New Fathers 4 Justice’ had nothing whatever to do with the well-known equal parenting group Fathers 4 Justice. The people responsible are not and were not members.

    Fathers 4 Justice has only ever advocated equality and an ending of prejudice and discrimination, and has always been well supported by the gay community who understand discrimination well.

    I am deeply saddened by today’s protest, and hope that any offence caused will have been mitigated by the sheer stupidity of it.

  2. The people responsible for the outragious homophobic attack today are BANNED ex-members of Fathers4Justice. The men concerned have formed a new group and named it New Fathers 4 Justice.

    Fathers4Justice, which has male and female members, strongly believe in equality and none of its members would ever pull a stunt like that.

  3. I think the point that is being made is that there is no equality when lesbians- who are at the end of the day women- are treated better by the government and with more statutory protection in creating a life than existing Fathers who happen to be men.

    Some people are less equal than others in the eyes of this government and those who are currently less equal since the creation of the Childrens Act 1989 and the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill are men.

    Harriet harman even managed to make a joke about the governments anti men stance recently when she temporarily took over the helm of 10 downing street- something to do with men fleeing the country.

    The whole family court system needs a huge rethink- if the government thinks it is so great for gay and lesbian couples to create children, which is a move forward for a discriminated against section of the communtiy, then why can it not also recognise that it is discriminating against heterosexual males who want to be part of their childrens lives?

  4. I’m not entirely sure what to think of F4J. On the one hand, they would seem to have something of a point; on the other hand, they seem to constantly undermine it with displays of misogyny and homophobia. This unfortunate incident will do nothing to contribute to a genuine debate over court-awarded child custody protocols.

  5. New Father’s for justice is just one pressure group amongst many devoted to reinstating father’s parental rights in a society that patently has undermined them. The ease in which heterosexual monogamous relationships can be broken through the family courts, Cafcass, social services, Child Support Agency et al is at the root of the break-down in our children’s perception for their futures. Emancipation of all males is a must.

    In my honest opinion, issues regarding “lifestyle choices” such as lesbianism and homosexuality should not be used by either side to cloud the real issues, the real issues are far more serious to be sidelined in a blur of pro/con sexuality.

  6. Hi Pink news and hi Nick Langford,

    Your comment below ranks alongside that of John Cleese in the comedy film, Life of Brian “We are the peoples front of Judea, not them bastards, the Judean Peoples Front”

    Comments such as yours are not helpful in any way in assisting the process of regaining father’s parental rights.

    Time, methinks, for you to accept that pressure groups come in many forms and New Father’s 4 Justice is merely a sign of exasperation at the unfairness of heterophobia towards men

  7. New Fathers 4 Justice? Fathers 4 Justice? Is this like the real IRA and the Continuity IRA? Sorry but if they are going to be homophobic, I am going to be flippant!

  8. theotherhalf 4 Oct 2008, 12:25am

    hi, try ‘nf4j it’s like the old f4j only stronger.’

    don’t make me laugh: f4j have time and time again intimidated women, made disturbingly sexist and misogynistic comments and refused to say that fathers who abuse children should not have full access.

    ‘try nf4j, it’s just like the old f4j but with new packaging.’

    Oh: and get of our Queer site you homophobic idiots.

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