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“We could have sex,” Jim Davidson tells Alan Titchmarsh

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  1. What a horrible, horrible man. He shouldn’t be allowed to air his disgraceful views on TV.

    1. cuttysarklifter 12 Dec 2011, 2:41am

      Ofxom: “There was a consensus view on the programme that Jim Davidson’s behaviour towards Brian Dowling was not acceptable and that he was in the minority,”

      True enough, but Ofcom (come off it, Ofcom) is meant to defend minorities.

  2. Brian Dowling is a whinging little drama queen and deserved all he got. He played the whole thing as a victim, and when Davidson showed he wasn’t having any of it, he ran off in tears. The bloke’s pathetic and gives gays a bad name. He was “famous for being famous” and it’s about time the attention-seeking little poof disappeared back into the obscurity he came from and stopped pretending he is some kind of celebrity.

  3. I think you’re safely off Brian Dowling’s Christmas card list, Rob. I find Dowling irritating as well, but the man used his 15 minutes of fame to move from being a flight attendant to TV presenter, voice-over artist and sometime DJ. As such he’s parlayed his Big Brother win into a reasonable career – which is more than other winners have done. He’s found a niche and he’s filling it as best he can. And he didn’t let homphobic abuse go unchallenged – whether or not you agree with the way he did it. As such, more power to him. If Dowling can earn a living doing what he does without harming anyone else, I hope he has a long and profitable career – even if I change channels when he’s on TV.

  4. Jim Davidson should be ashamed of himself. TV should be setting an example. Well done to Brian for raising the profile and visibility of gay people, it takes balls to stand up and be counted and comments like yours Rob are uncalled for.

    We should be sticking together as a community, not creating sub-communities of bitches!

  5. David Griff 19 Sep 2008, 6:28am

    Davidson reminds me of one of those “I’m not homophobic but…” people. Well done to Dowling for showing that that casual homophobia is just as unacceptable as “oh my god I hate gays!”.

  6. I agree with Rob – its high time us gays stopped walking around with chips on our shoulders and wallowing in victimhood – its so last century. We’ve won equal rights in law, we are rapidly becoming an integral part of mainstream society, its time to get on with life as equals and continue to lead by example. I can’t speak for the regions but we are virtually running city government, the civil service and the Church of England now, we are out and proud in all major city firms.

    Its time to stop whinging on about being 2nd class citizens and ditch the pc crap and constantly bleating ‘homophobia’. I agree with Jim Davidson – playing the gay card, just like playing the race or any other card is pathetic. Britons have a rich tradition of poking fun at every part of our society, why should we be immune? Relax, have fun, laugh at our foiables as we laugh about those of others.

  7. It seems the fact he cried has p***ed people off. If he had just said ‘that’s out of order’ I’m sure you’d be patting him on the back! The question I always ask myself is, if he’d made a racist remake would anyone tolerate it? No & rightly so.

  8. “We should be sticking together as a community, not creating sub-communities of bitches!”

    I will say this again and again…WHAT COMMUNITY??
    The only time gays stick together is when they want to shag each other. Apart from that, they remain selfish, vain and shallow.

    Eddy’s comments are right on the nail. Get over it. Davidson’s a comedian (apparently) – so the guy cracks jokes at other people’s expense. That’s usually the basis of most comedy. And yes, I would tell black, jewish, cripple or gay jokes. Only some sad little socialist idiots out there (who are generally neither black, jewish, handicapped or gay) will stand up and moan about it.

    It’s about time people became rather more thicker-skinned about all this. I have seen gay guys with many a Queer T-shirt on, and I once saw a black guy with “This ain’t no suntan, I’m a coon” right across his chest. The guy was a total scream and everyone loved him for it. Stop taking stuff so damn seriously and live your life, not what other people expect you to live.

  9. IS anyone else bored with Dowling and his self-pity???? The sentiments on here are heading down the right track. I thought that the gay mantra was that we didnt care what people thought or said, we would be true to ourselves… SO GET ON WITH IT!

    Jim Davidson was brought onto that show because he is opinionated and vocal with it! Brian Dowling was brought onto it because if anyeone can provoke a slap in the face, he can. His fifteen minutes of fame were over years ago, and yet he is still there banging on, acting the campy fairy of TV land. Im a professional marketing specialist in Manchester, and I know very few people who get by being camp as tits pulling a free ride… GET A PROPER JOB!

  10. Eddy’s paen to what is Britishness and humour seems to ignore that other British trait of politeness. And wit. To just excuse Davidson being obnoxious on the facetious basis that he’s just being British is the kind of crap thinking that’s ruined this country. And Rob’s comments about ‘stop taking stuff so damn seriously’ smacks of the kind of shallowness that doesn’t acknowledge that gay men in Britain are still being killed for being gay (you only have to read the news items on Pink News to see that). I guess you could describe those victims of abuse being dead as the result of a terminal lack of humour if you really stretched it. But Davidson exists in the same continuum of agressor as Dowling does as victim.
    Agreed, it’s possible to be too touchy about stuff. But anyone who thinks that being gay in this country is without risks is kidding themself. And rather than just accept abuse from any quarter – passing off a thick skin as the ultimate signifier of macho -enlightened self-interest suggests defending yourself is a better policy. Davidson was free to abuse Dowling. But equally, having done so, he has to take the consequences of that action. Davidson attacked in his fashion, Dowling defended in his fashion. Dowling won. Survival of the fittest – not the most stereotypically macho.

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