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Home Secretary urged to spare gay man from Uganda deportation

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  1. David London 18 Sep 2008, 5:54pm

    This is all such bullshit. The man’s case was heard in a lower court and he lost. He appealed and the case went to the High Court – and again he lost. The court, with full access to all the facts and figures didn’t believe him. Yet, we’re not being allowed access to any of the facts yet are expected to support his claim for asylum on the grounds that 1) he is gay and 2) because of this would be murdered if he returned to Uganda!

    Is he gay? I don’t know. He doesn’t have a bf. Do any gays know him? He hangs out with creepy christians. I would suggest he has heard through the grapevine that to claim being gay is an easy way to get asylum.

    Don’t be conned folks, by this campaign or its supporters. Give us some facts. Why did the courts refuse to believe him???

  2. the facts:
    1. he WON the right to stay in his first court case, but the home office can appeal indefinitely with infinite funds. the past years have seen a succession of cases where he won and the home office appealed.
    2. he DID NOT have competent lawyers, but a cowboy criminal lawyer who knows shit all about asylum rights. the refugee centre lawyers were sure he had a solid case when they finally got hold of his file, but it was too late to lodge an appeal.
    3. he IS gay, i personally know, and his gay friends who happen to be my gay friends know too. how you, david, would know about his boyfriend escapes me, since you say you are from london and he never lived there. and as to the christians, they were the only ones who did regular visits at the detention centre where he was. let’s see till YOU get put in detention for months, David, and whether you make friends with the people who have the generosity to visit people in detention.
    4. he WILL be certainly put in prison for life or lynched now that his name and picture are in the front page ugandan news, and so his deportation this thursday evening with no prior notice is ILLEGAL.
    5. now use your brains and your soul before you go spewing your hate on other people. you make me sick.

  3. I am fed up with all this who can come to Britain rubbish! Fact, the Gurkas (Joanna Lumley, God bless her!) deserve to come because they have supported this country for centuries in the military. Anyone who is persecuted because of their sexuality should also be allowed to stay. (beacuse above all this is supposed to be a fair and civilised nation with equality!) Lets get rid of the people who do nothing for the country instead (and there are a good deal of them!) And lets deport convicted terrorists not keep them in our jailsat £2,000 a week plus!

  4. The UK government has shown no appetite whatsoever for deporting foreign supporters of terrorism and preachers of hate. It seems to have no difficulty whatsoever working tirelessly to deport gay foreigners, however. State homophobia and cowardice.

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