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Gay star tipped as next Doctor Who

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Reader comments

  1. Daddy Bear 18 Sep 2008, 6:52pm

    Too young, too cute, too vulnerable. He would best serve as the pathos-packing sidekick that is tied up a lot and who The Doctor must rescue every week from some interstellar leather-clad dungeon where the incident-prone young man will often find himself. Sweaty. Togs torn asunder. Teary-eyed at the sight of his time-traveling authority figure. Hm.

  2. Agreed; and lets face it Captain Jack would Come(!) over all funny and the plots would get far too….Gay(!)Lets just keep that subtle gay humour which makes the show so gay friendly.

  3. S & M fantasy aside, I agree with Daddy Bear. This kid looks way too young to pass for a 900 year old eccentric time lord. You need a certain level of authority and self confidence to pass yourself off as the Doctor. I’d say no younger than 35. Perhaps Russell T’s judgement has been clouded by casting couch fantasies!

  4. David is Doctor Number 10, so the next would be 11… (people often forget to count a certain Paul McGann who had one outing as the Doc). Just saying, lol. I think Russell Tovey’s a great actor and could pull it off. But I’d sort of see him as the companion too. Why can’t the doctor fall in love with his (male) companion, in that soft focus not too in your face way suitable for kiddies tea time viewing.

  5. Sorry Eros, but I’ll think you’ll find that the next doctor would be Number 12.
    Unfortunately, due to his awful acting skills, nobody really bothers to count Matt Smith.

  6. My goodness what is this title about? GAY star? I hope you call straight actors, HETEROSEXUAL stars too.

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