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Julian Clary to celebrate 25 years in showbiz

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  1. Good old Julian. Setting back the cause by 20 years for 25 years.

  2. Can not stand the guy personally.

  3. Oh come on, rjb! Maybe we should have stayed safe and asexual, worn sober suits and not frightened the horses. JC was ground-breaking and played a huge part in pushing the boundaries of what television audiences would accept. The man’s a hero!

  4. I know he is a stereotype, but I like him alot and he is so funny. I bet he has great parties.

  5. The c*nt of Monte Crisco! 18 Sep 2008, 7:33am

    Yep, I adore Julian too. Definitely one of my favourite comedians/entertainers. Congratulations to him. I still love him in Carry on Columbus, definitely stole the limelight in what was otherwise a really crap film! “He’s a serial killer. Beats his victims to death with a sack of rice crispies!” I can just hear it said now in his delightfully soft spoken camp voice!

  6. Well I just love him, and as for the stereo type comment , I saw him walking his dog the other day jumper jeans and and wellies. Is that a stereo type too?

  7. Actually a courageous man for living life as he wants to – rather than as others would expect him to. And blissfully funny.

  8. A courageous man for living life as he wants to – rather than as others expect him to. And blissfully funny.

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