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Whip implicated in alleged leak of Labour rebel names

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Reader comments

  1. Yet another episode suggesting that Nu Labour are just a party of dirty tricks. I used to be a Labour voter, and have welcomed their positive legislation in connection with gay rights and equality of treatment. But in the wider political context they are nowt but a bunch of control freaks who seek (and in some cases have already done so) to remove hard fought for civil liberties.

    They endlessly promote the “Database State” despite bearing responsibility for losing the private details of millions of people. They are led by a man accurately described by Vince Cable as “Mr Bean” whose incompetence at economic management is currently unravelling.

    NEVER again will I vote for them! Nu Labour? … New Nightmare is nearer to the mark!! Bring on the General Election.

  2. I hope this isn’t a case of looking for a scapegoat to blame and picking on the gay guy!!!!!

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