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Obama “blessed with many openly gay and lesbian friends”

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Reader comments

  1. I was really hoping to see Hillary as the next president; however, Obama is saying all the right things (at the moment) “Blessed with lgbt friends!” how good is that! Lets hope he can speak sense to other Black Governments about their dreadful human rights on LGBT issues; ie Jamaica and Nigeria to name but two!

  2. Given just how far to the right so many americans voters are, I wish people would get “real” about what American politicians can and can’t say before an election. I’m amazed and slightly worried that Obama will stick his neck out so far on gay issues seeing as in the US, it can only lose him votes. To push him further before he’s in power only makes it more likely he will never get in. Obv. he supports gay rights but far better with the US electorrate what it is, that he keeps his mouth shut about them until, he’s actually elected. To openly support Gay Marriage before an election would be political suicide

  3. Andy, you may well have a point there! Perhaps he is being too “open” and to use the word americans hate “liberal!”

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