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Hotel fined after cancelling gay-friendly events

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Reader comments

  1. All the Irish equalities legislation is there on paper, and indeed there has been a lot of improvement and progress, but this story tells exactly what it can be like on the ground in the more provincial locations, even if they are “cities”.
    Ireland still has a long way to go before attitudes change at ground level.

  2. Ciaran McMahon 18 Sep 2008, 12:23pm

    “Ireland still has a long way to go before attitudes change at ground level.”

    I wouldn’t necessarily say that’s entirely true. Perhaps in small rural areas, yes, and certainly our laws have some catching up to do, but this not indicative of the majority of Ireland. My experience, and results from research done by the Irish Times, is that the majority of people are very open minded and have strong views in favour of equality. I would not let this example of one small man (who thankfully got the fine and negative publicity he deserves) cloud your view… yes, we have some way to go, but I think we are further along than you might think.

  3. Thanks Ciaran, well said and I agree with your whole heartily…

    …now if only we can have that nut Billy Perdue come in and give us a little rant about how Sinn Fein should rule the world, sling a few acquisitions about people not being “real” Irish, and maybe an insult or two that we are a “Tory”, and that would make my day! I do miss his nutty rants, don’t they make you laugh?

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