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Christian Institute targets homophobic bullying group

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Reader comments

  1. all these so f in called christians want to go stick there heads back up there own asses where they belong and keep them there

  2. The Christian Voice, another one of these Right Wing Facist so called christian groups attempted to undermine a Home Office funded and police sponsored anti hate Crime campaign called True Vision. Their spoof website suggested That “Straight Christian” children would be trained as suicide bombers to blow up gay establishments; how sick is that? These people are clearly insane and they accuse us of being the strange ones???!!!!

  3. No-one is born religious. Babies do not pop out of the womb posessed of fully formed views on the nature of the universe and its creation. Religion is aquired. Usually by adults forcing it upon innocent young minds but, even here, when exposed as a grown-up to other more credible theories, you have the choice to reject the preposterous sky pixie you have been indoctrinated to believe in and move on.

    To put it bluntly, religion is a lifestyle choice and I am heartily sick of believers flaunting themselves like this and shoving their lifestyle in my face. After all there is nothing to be proud of in being either grossly ignorant, wilfully stupid, plain hateful or just insane. They are not normal.

  4. Why don’t these people stick to praying and being certain of a happy after-life? And spreading lies intentionally: isn’t that supposed to be a sin?

  5. “Queering Primary education” “Queering the body”. What rubbish! As a out and proud gay man I am appalled that an academic institution like the University of Exeter is pedalling such nonsense and public money is wasted on a seminar that uses terminology many gay people find insulting, and seems to be designed to alienate the rest of society. We have won hard-fought- for civil rights such as gay partnerships, equal age of consent, anti-discrimination legislation etc and this kind of extreme gay fundamentalist clap-trap does us no favours whatsoever. It is just as bad as the christian or muslim fundamentalism.

  6. ‘creating classrooms where gender-queer bodies .. are affirmed and celebrated..”. What utter rubbish and what a waste of money – it just creates fuel for homophobes to rant and rave and gives ordinary out and proud gay people a bad name, alienating us from the rest of our society. Introducing ‘queer’ politics into primary schools is appalling. Of course bullying of any type should be punished in schools and children should be taught to respect each other but these antics of extreme gay fundamentalists are just as bad as christian or muslim fundamentalists.

  7. Reluctantly I have to agree with eddy to some extent on this one… this is exactly the type of message that both fundamentalist homophobes and the Daily mail will pounce on. Having been brought up in a homophobic environment, this will only provide ammunition for the types that thought section 28 should never have been repealed.
    Getting the class to be tolerant of those who are different is one thing, encouraging pre-teens to explore their sexuality and clumsy phrases such as “how would teacher’s and children’s bodies be implicated in this?” are like trying to douse a fire with gasoline. It simply fuels the homophobic stereotype of gay people as lecherous paedophiles grooming the classroom, and the resulting backlash is what brought about section 28 in the first place.
    The battle for hearts and minds won’t be won by ham-fisted approaches like this.
    Sex ed for gay and straight kids alike should be aimed mainly at teenagers going through puberty, and up until that point, it should suffice to maintain that “gay” is unacceptable as a term of abuse, and to be sympathetic to kids that are already asking questions or dealing with those emotional issues.

  8. Don’t get me wrong Will, I don’t have much in common with Daily Mail readers, but those are the people most likely to kick up a stink over this, and most likely to lobby their MP to take us back to where we were in the 80’s with section 28. Any cack-handed approach to gay equality in the classroom will be greeted by a backlash of bigoted pressure groups all demanding to be heard and all insisting that gay people are out to “destroy the family” or somesuch shite. The last thing they need is an excuse, and from what I can see in this article, they’ve been given a lot of ammunition simply through a bad choice of words (assuming they weren’t misquoted)
    All I would ask is that those who put forward gay equality issues choose their strategy and their words wisely otherwise all the progress made in 2003 will be undone.

  9. the whole thing is rather unfortunate, the project sounds like the worst kind of loony left nonsense, ultimately harmless but completely misguided… the fact that the Daily Bigot and the Christian Institute should distort it will suprise no-one. Agree the language is completely innappropriate. I do think sex education should be taught in primary school, and i do believe that primary school children should be taught that boys can love boys, just as much as boys can love girls, but since when did the word “queer” every help a rational debate

  10. Two real ‘sickos’ – the Christian Institute which embarrasses Christ every time they peddle bigotry and hatred [often bendingthe truth well past breaking point to do so] and the Daily Mail, that trash sheet masquerading as a newspaper – it would insult the bottom of your budgie’s cage. Both are sickeningly self-righteous.

  11. Emma Roebuck 17 Sep 2008, 8:22pm

    Just a small point of detail the Lillian Ladele’s case.

    She won employment tribunal ruling that Islington council discriminated against her because she wanted to opt out of performing civil partnership ceremonies on religious grounds.

    The tribunal ruled that she was unlawfully discriminated against because of her religion

    She won a tribunal case on being bullied into performing Civil partnerships. They did not say whether religion was the issue ultimately. Islingtn Council breached procedure. They were in the law but rushed it instead of waiting and following protocol.

    I agree religion is used to validate so many different forms of prejudice and after all the bible has about 5 admonitions against being gay but 105 plus against being heterosexual perhaps god hates the straights??????

  12. If only religious extremists had the courage to read Leviticus properly instead of picking out the bits that fit their sad prejudices – e.g. what does Leviticus say about mixed fibres? Ever seen the suits fundamentalists wear? No way they’re even 60% polyester, never mind 100% wool!

  13. Stuart is quite right; wearing mixed fibres carries a good old fashioned stoning to death I believe (so there won’t be many people left to shop at Marks and Spencers then will there!)

  14. it shows that these christians are on the side of the bullies
    they are cherry-picking homophobes
    the bible’s been mistranslated and misunderstood – “homosexual” was coined in 1868 and added in 1946 for example

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