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Bad taste gay comedy comes to the UK

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Reader comments

  1. ” “It’s every stereotype gay ghettos across the world perpetuate times 100, and while it’s not likely to win over many fans to gay lib from the straight side of the fence, for our community, it’s a home run,” he said.”

    Oh great. Another leap forward for integration and mutual understanding.

  2. Saw this show on You Tube some time ago and it’s hilarious! Yes it’s full of stereotypes and shouldn’t really be on mainstream TV as it is not politically correct when trying to combat negative perceptions of gay couples in society. But then the same goes for “The Kumars at No.42”, “Goodness Gracious Me”, “Ali G”, etc… End of the day, it’s a good laugh and we’re entitled to have some fun and poke fun at ourselves. And at the very least, it makes gay couples more mainstream after Will & Grace…

  3. Gene Touchet 15 Sep 2008, 3:17pm

    Um…from the country which gave us the 400 plus pound teenager to my moms were men to Top Gear…Rick and Steve are bad taste?


  4. I’ve seen all of Rick & Steve already, and it’s OK. The jokes and puns shock a bit at first, and you’re not sure whether to laugh or get offended. But it’s just taking the p*** out of all the stereotypes that DO exist in our ‘community’. The show’s biggest problem is that most of the material is just completely lame.

  5. I’ve watched it too. I’m surprised it took so long to get picked up in the UK actually. The episodes are short and it’s fun enough to watch. Whether the stereotyping is funny or offensive, I couldn’t say as I’m undecided. I think maybe a bit of both.

  6. The c*nt of Monte Crisco! 16 Sep 2008, 9:45am

    I’ve seen a few little clips off the E4 website and thought it was hilarious! I of course mostly identify with Dana and Kirsten as I am a lesbian, but I’m like them as well, I like to take the p*ss out of stereotypical lesbians! I wear lots of pink and shave my armpits and legs, I don’t have a cat and I’ve been with my gf 7 months and still haven’t moved in yet!

  7. I’ve just finished watching all 6 episodes, and gotta say I’m delighted that a new series of 8 episodes is going to start in USA towards the end of November 2008. I LOVE the way it takes the p*ss out of our stereotypes :-)
    It should pop up as torrents for anyone who uses them.

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