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UN urged to push for ban on execution of children

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Reader comments

  1. Once again is it religiously driven regimes that are at the heart of this atrocity. May they rot in their own hell.

  2. To be fair, it was legal to execute juveniles in the (ostensibly secular) United States until 2003, and 22 people under the age of 18 were put to death in the US between November 1985 and March 2003.

    It’s easy to vilify other cultures and religions without examining the record of secular Western nations. Moreover, before pinning the blame on “religiously driven regimes,” I would be inclined to query the lack of reputable data from China, undoubtedly the single most prolific practitioner of the death penalty. I suspect that the real numbers of juveniles executed in the People’s Republic probably gives the Islamic Republic a run for its money. The bottom-line is that capital punishment is a monstrosity, wherever it occurs. The civilised world must unite to campaign for its complete abolition in all countries where it continues to be applied.

  3. One more example which present to us a real face of “peacefuly and lovely” church!
    Religion is opium for the people.It restricts every rational and human element from the people.

  4. Rob Alexander 13 Sep 2008, 7:04am

    Any executions should be condemned and any past record of western governments of the legal murder of children could possibly justify it anywhere. This is no topic to be politically correct on – Iran is an appalling country as a result of religion being allowed its head.

  5. Gayasylumuk 13 Sep 2008, 2:22pm

    • We have been campaigning for the abolishment for sometime, but the LGBT community seems not to care or it falls on deaf ears.
    • The UN’s recent stance to grant only ONE of a gay couple, Kamal and Reza, asylum in Turkey shows that hypocrisy and homophobia and equality exists in ALL societies and institutions.
    • Just how many more LGBT’s are going to die before the world recognises that it is genocide and no different from what the Nazis did in WWII.
    • Sexual orientation should and is as much a choice and fundamental right as any other and it is time for the worlds population to insist that this is established into the Human Rights Charter.

  6. Robert, ex-pat Brit 13 Sep 2008, 4:27pm

    Amazing isn’t it, yet its ok to execute gay youths in Iran and elsewhere, no international outcry about that of course!

    Rjb….in 2007 I believe China executed more than 5000 of its own citizens.

  7. The UNO is islamophobic.

  8. Yet again we have religion used as an excuse to kill mostly innocent people. The other day I heard a father married his 2 year old daughter to a 50 year man old in Iraq, Iran or some other Middle Eastern “Paradise” Yet again a sanctioned excuse to abuse children by religion! But of course, according to these extreme relgious persons, the Gays are the evil ones; figures eh!

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