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Preacher spared trial over gay street sermon

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Reader comments

  1. The comment, ‘ using threatening language with intent to stir up hatred on grounds of sexual orientation said that urging someone to change their sexuality should not count “of itself” as threatening or as intended to stir up hatred.

    OK…which other of these do you want to “outlaw” so
    that the Holy Bible cannot condem any sinfulness of mankind —unrighteousness, wickedness, greed, evil, full of envy, murder, strife, deceit, alice, gossips, slanders, haters of God, insolent, arrogant, boastful, inventors of evil, disobedient to parents, without understanding, untrustworthyness, unloving, unmerciful –I
    guess you want to make man his own god and let any pleasure be
    its reward.

    You have no spiritual qualities and live only for yourselves —
    the history of Great Britian dropped from a strong nation to one
    of a second class society.

  2. Hank you’re back! How i’ve missed your nonsense!I think you’ll find that Britain dropped from being a “strong” nation and became 2nd Class as you put it when the countries of the British Empire became independent. Now i know your god (i have read the bible)is all for wars/colonialism/slavery etc, and ofcourse throughout the colonial period christianity was used to justify wars/colonialism and slavery but we decided in our wilful way that the time for all that mumbo jumbo was over, hardly the fault of homosexuals though…Likewise we have as a nation decided that the time for Homophobia and also judging by church attendance the time for Christianity is now over. Hallelujah! And the scales from their eyes and they were freed! You can wallow in what ever backwardsness you like, but for once i agree with you about one thing, Yes let “man or woman be their own God and let pleasure be it’s own reward”, with one VERY IMPORTANT proviso, don’t hurt anyone else while you’re at it. That’s the difference being us gays and you christians. We don’t want to hurt anyone, just want to get on and live our lives, leave us alone. How many gays to you ever hear off standing on street corners preaching against christians? You christians on the other hand- despite what Jesus said in the Sermon on the Mount about not judging others, spend your whole time judging, condemning, threatening. Why can’t Christians be nice to people? Just Love a little….oh and “worry about the plank in your own eye before obsessing about the speck of sawdust in other peoples”….

  3. I would leave Mr Tutu to speak he has the right words –
    One day they will be so tired of bla bla ing about the gays – they will have to find something new – something like hatefull preaching

  4. You know, to be fair, it is not the religious that are the problem, whether they be Christian, or whatever. It’s fundamentalists. Those people that have so little ability to appreciate and interpret, that they have to rely on ‘black and white’/ ‘this or that’ statements from others – and then get so worked up about having to defend their own corner! Many of my friends are people of faith, honest faith and honest people who have no problem with us gays. And that’s the point about homophobia, to me, it REALLY IS the other person’s problems. Homophobia: An insecurity about being heterosexual. (Not necessarily, Christian). What is a real shame, are the homophobic gays – they must hurt some.

  5. Now Tutu is a true christian.

  6. Religious nutcases like Rollins should be free to express their opinion – and we who find his backward, ignorant opinions repulsive should not be stopped when we express our revulsion by ripping up the bible in his face, and sticking it in the trash can where it belongs. Now let’s see who runs for the cover of the hate speech law.

  7. Hank – We have a legal system, not a theocracy. Deal with it.

  8. Robert, ex-pat Brit 13 Sep 2008, 1:01pm

    Hank, we’re hardly second rate…..the U.S. can’t afford to lose the UK as its key ally. The U.S. is now in debt to China (the major financier of your national debt with the aid of Japan and the UK), no thanks to your boy Bush over the past 8 years and more to come if McCain is elected. You’re hardly in a position to call the UK a second rate nation. Why don’t you come out of the closet Hank, get it over with. You sound like a very unhappy, sexually unsatisfied, unfulfilled man. Why do you keep coming here, odd behaviour for a straight male don’t you think? Your energy and time is wasted here, try preaching to your straight counterparts, those who have the monopoly on adultery, bigamy, rape, sex trafficking, call-girl rings, the real threat to family values and morals. You can’t blame us for that, pal!

  9. Perhaps the people who print the bible should be prosecuted for spouting anti gay propaganda.

  10. I must admit I am fed to the back teeth of gays being blamed for bad weather, floods and earthquakes as well as the fall in the birthrate and the moral decline of the world. We are so evil, that the Christian Right thinks we should either be executed, made straight or just tormented! GET REAL! LEAVE US ALONE! Society has changed in good ways and bad. Britain is not a second class society because of gays; look at religion, drugs, poverty and greed for those causes if you need an excuse. I SO agree with Andy! and as for the comments about the wonderful Mr Tutu, yes agreed he at least is true to what Christ preached and not bigots (by the way do these people reaslise that Jesus Christ was a wandering preacher in sandals and a big shaggy beard and hung around with 12 other guys most of the time?)

  11. Oh, Hank, we’ll see what the last of your US banking system collapses who’s a second rate country, wont we?

  12. Hank's Brother 24 Sep 2008, 1:57pm

    You just don’t seem to get it do you? Tony Rollins is out there on the street taking the abuse because he loves you with the love of God. If you believe what the Bible says, like Tony does, then you must believe what Jesus Christ commanded. And what Jesus Christ commanded is that we must love our neighbour. Even if you treat Tony as your enemy,-Jesus anticipated that by commanding Tony to even love his enemies.
    Thing is, Tony loves you so much he is even wiling to be made a criminal even though he is innocent. Just like Jesus was prepared to be seen by everyone to be a criminal in order to shed his own precious Holy Blood on the cross suffering in torment to pay the penalty for all your sins. Tony has to follow the example of his Lord and Saviour. Jesus hung there being mocked and vilified in front of his own Mother who knew that He was the promissed Messiah who would Redeem us back to a Holy God by shedding His own Holy Blood in an all sufficient finished sacrifice for all those who would trust Him from the heart as their Lord and Saviour. Like Jesus, Tony must pray, “Father, forgive them Father, they know not what they do”.
    Tony wants you to be with God now and for eternity.-With the Father God who loved you so much He gave the most precious thing he had (Jesus The Word of God, the only begotten Son of God) to reconcile you to Himself. If you love someone you tell them the truth, like Jesus did. Like Jesus, Tony must be willing to lay his life down for those he loves.
    Tony says he did not preach a, “Public sermon on the wrongs of Homosexuality” as claimed in the Newspapers. Could you accept that or would you still be against Tony anyway? If so then you do need Jesus Christ as your own personal Lord and Saviour so that then cleansed of all your sin before a Holy God you will receive the Holy Spirit into your heart that will give you a great love for everyone and a love for the truth. You see you do have to choose whether you are part of the mob of the world who are against Jesus Christ. With the love of God, Hank’s Brother.

  13. Hank’s Brother – you’re totally right – we don’t really “get it”… I assume that getting it would be to aquiece to the idea that God and Jesus only actually like us if we renounce gayness otherwise we roast in hell. Well, with friends like that, who needs enemies.
    If gayness was a “lifestyle choice” I would have been straight simply because it’s a load less hassle than the alternative of growing up in a fiercely homophobic environment, coupled with 8 years of stressful psychological denial. Unfortunately, choice has precious little to do with it. That would be the part you don’t “get”. But I’m sure it won’t stop you eulogising about things you know nothing about, or suggesting I “pray out the gay”.

  14. Hank' Brother 29 Sep 2008, 1:48pm

    Flapjack, do you usually get so fired up against those who love you? You claim I suggested that you “pray out the gay”. It is in quotation marks. But I didn’t say it! Jesus did not say what His accusers assumed.
    However, in misquoting me, I think you have answered my question about Tony Rollins and shown the need for the Holy Spirit who gives a great love for everyone and a love for the Truth.
    Who told you to “pray out the gay”? I can tell you it will not work. No.-Rather God says in Ezekiel 36 “(Thus saith the Lord GOD). A new heart also will I give you and a new spirit will I put within you, and cause you to walk in my statutes, and ye shall keep my judgements and do them”. And in Jeremiah 31 “Saith the Lord, I will put my law in their inward parts, and write it in their hearts; and will be their God, and they shall be my people”. You see God does it as you put faith in His Salvation.
    I wrote “The Father God who loved you so much He gave the most precious thing He had”. I did not write, as you assume, that God and Jesus don’t like you. You dismiss the message as “Eulogising about things you know nothing about”. But how come you think I have not been a human being? The Gospel is the most important message you will ever hear.
    It is true that you will be unable to “get” it, if you hold the extreme view that you are the only group on the planet who have not sinned before a Holy God. You do not “get” it by “psycholigical denial”.
    What will keep you out of Heaven is a refusal to receive a free gift of love from God. That “free gift” is Jesus Christ Himself and what He has already done for you because He loves you! Without Jesus Christ as our Saviour, it is ALL of our sin which condemns a person to hell. Jesus said when you have faith in Him (who He is and what He has done on the cross when He shed His own Holy Blood to pay for ALL your sin) you will be “born from above” of the Holy Spirit of God. Hope you “Get” Him. With the love of God.
    Hank’s Brother.

  15. Hank’s brother – if god is all powerful and all loving, he could just forgive us and that would be the end of it (not that I believe anyone but a neurotic would have to forgive someone for anything that didn’t directly concern them in the first place). That is unconditional love. I take it he is theoretically in charge of the whole forgiveness process.
    Having spent many years under the oppressive yoke of religion I think I know as well as anyone that “god’s love” is far from unconditional. His love is not a “free gift” as you put it, it’s more like one of those lottery scams where you get told you’ve won £100,000 pounds and all you have to do to claim it is to send a cheque for £10,000 to cover admin fees. By the time you realise there never was £100,000 someone has cashed in your cheque. In the same way, for an unsecured, non-guaranteed place in the good books of an entity who has yet to be proven to exist of dubious moral authority, I have to live out a lie and betray the many gay people every year driven to depression and suicide by homophobes and evangelical zealots for being ‘lesser people’. Then after a few years in a loveless sham marriage to a woman with whom I may or may not sire offspring (common practice amongst closet cases who couldn’t face themselves) I finally admit to myself I wasted my life and the lives of those who got caught up in my web of deciet. I know of at least one such individual in my immediate social circle who took his life for just this reason, and it was no co-incidence that his family were strict Jehova’s witnesses. By the time his controling zealot mother read it in the suicide note he was hanging by a noose. That would be why I get fired up about it, because I narrowly avoided the same fate myself. You can keep god’s love, cause I’m not interested in the terms and conditions.

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