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Cliff: “rumour-mongers don’t have any power over me”

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Reader comments

  1. Simon Murphy 12 Sep 2008, 3:31pm

    “I don’t like travelling alone, being alone, eating alone, doing anything alone.”

    So Sir Cliff doesn’t like to do anything alone. Which must mean he doesn’t like sleeping alone either. Aw bless. I think it’s cute that he admits that he shares his bed.

  2. He most likely shares a bed with his teddy!

  3. Jeez, talk about screwed up!

  4. I’m sorry, but Cliff Richards is who?

  5. He hates being alone and yet it’s only MEN (cock) that he chooses to have live with him!

    And this “former Roman Catholic priest” is reported as now looking after Cliff’s properties abroad! Some people-oriented Catholic priest he! And what strange arrangement is this that Cliff spouts when he says that this “companion” will always be able to return to his former duties as a priest if he wants?

    Sounds to me like both of them are both completely lacking in integrity.

    Also, we gays and lesbians KNOW that when Cliff claims that the stories circulating about him just don’t affect him, and that “that’s quite a nice feeling”, he totally putting on a sham.

    Dear Cliff, it must be HELL having to posture at the door of your closet and pretend that everything in there is absolutely hunky-dory.

    We call you a hypocrite, a laughable hypocrite.

    Come out NOW and redeem yourself. Beg your gay brothers and sisters for forgiveness and be OUT and PROUD!

  6. For all his vulgar pretentions at least Cliff never resorted to marriage like many gay men of his generation did.

    Honestly, I don’t think there can be many heterosexual men living with “companions”. Brothers and male relatives, yes, but not many with the same sex and/or former RC priests except in maybe a flat share situation.

    I have certainly never heard a man, gay or otherwise, saying ‘I live with my companion’.

    I think we can safely say, Sir Cliff’s head is still firmly where it has always been – up his arse.

    All the best.


  7. Everyone seems to have forgotten the other surprise (and I think this is the real one) – this ‘companion’ to an evangelical protestant is actually a Roman Catholic!! Cliff’s theology must have broadened out in more ways than one while we weren’t looking – is he embarrassed about that too?

  8. If he is going to do immoral stuff then why say you are a Christian then? Because the Bible is clearly against male gay relationships. Read Leviticus Chapter 20 verse 13 and Romans Chapter 1 verse 27. It says the penalty is death for it and it is perverted and detestable.

  9. If he is lonely then why doesn’t he live with a woman or have one of his nieces live with him?

  10. He said one time he never got lonely.

  11. Cliff did not say he is gay. He only said people who are should have the right to marry. There is no solid proof he is gay.

  12. Anne, some years ago Hale & Pace did a parody of Cliff and presumably Larry Parnes, who if they weren’t gay would have sued ITV by this time, dear.

    All the best.


  13. Not necessarily Dave! People may not sue people because they may not want to go through a long court battle and Cliff is a Christian and may not want to ruffle anyone’s feathers (may wnat to avoid confrontation? so to speak.

  14. I believe he is celibate no matter what his sexual orientation is because this lifestyle goes against Christianity and he is supposed and seems to be a sincere Christian.

  15. Anne & Hanna:

    What has Christianity got to do with it? You can’t beat nature.

    Cliff is probably gay the same way; for example, the late George Best was probably straight. Imagine the raised eyebrows if Best had ever claimed to live with a former nun in a purely platonic way.

    I am not saying Cliff is a liar, or even gay, but his behaviour seems typical of his closeted generation.

    All the best.


  16. What I mean is if you are a Christian you are not supposed to have sex outside of marriage so if CLiff is a real Christian he would be celibate that is what I mean gay or straight. And the Bible is clearly against male homosexuality relationships. Read these Bible verses: Leviticus Chapter 20 verse 13 and Romans Chapter 1 verse 27. It says the penalty for it is death. So if he is a real Christian and really living by the Bible then he will be celibate unless or until he marries a woman.

  17. Too much reading, Hanna, and not enough living.

    Nothing is more unpleasant than a virtuous person with a mean mind. The penalty is virgo intacto.

    All the best.


  18. I don’t have a mean mind. I just know what the Bible says and if you are a Christian and really living by it then you will do what it says. If you don’t then you are not a real Christian.

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