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Interview: Homophobic bullying is killing gay kids

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Reader comments

  1. Well done again Stonewall and well done Attitude. If we keep this up we will crack this problem of gay bullying once and for all. But we also need the likes of Rooney and the Beckhams on side because they are role models straight kids adore. Like the recent domestic violence posters of well know female celebs made up to look like DV victims, we need to put this right in the publics face. Most decent people don’t agree with bullying for whatever reason but they need to be aware of this particular type and how it ruins lives.

  2. Anything that can help stop the bullying is a good thing as far as I’m concerned. I’ve worked in schools and the level of homophobic comments is staggering. You’d assume that it’s older people who’d be like that, but there seems to be a new generation of homophobes. It’s not just a question of bullying someone because they’re different – I’ve felt a real hatred of LGBT people from students. Getting celebs to wear the t shirt is great. I just hope that they get some of the heros of the kids most likely to be homphobic so that they can’t dismiss it so easily.

  3. Small minded people will always remaim small minded, they are not open to reason: no matter what logic you “throw” at them.

    Bigots will always be bigots. (Sadly)
    They need to hate someone… Anyone (different) will do…
    I cannot see an end to homophobic bullying… They (The bigots) NEED someone to bully… Just so that they “feel” superior to someone else.

    Sad, but true.

    To “make” their life “complete” they HAVE to hate some sector of scocity and the LGBT community is an easy target….

    For does it not say in the bible…

    “Verily, shall ye not choose to hate someone different from ye.”

    Aw ra best
    <Straight, but not narrow.)

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