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Evangelical preacher will not compromise us says equality commission

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  1. Simon Murphy 12 Sep 2008, 11:23am

    Their email address is

    Write to them to tell them how you feel.

  2. I’ve written to them in the past to say how ridiculous it is to have someone as an equality comissioner who’s organisation has actively lobbied against every piece of equality legislation for one equality group. It is a joke they will not explain what why they think he will have no detrimental effect on equality legislation for gay and Lesbian people, they just trot out the rubbish about him being a government appointment and how not everyone has the same view. Not good enough. Why don’t Pink news do a bit more in depth reporting of their decisions . Good on the TUC conference for bringing this up again. It’s a joke they continue to get away with this ridiculous appointment and just brush off any criticism with inadequate explanations.

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