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Palin challenged over ‘ex-gay’ movement

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Reader comments

  1. Robert, ex-pat Brit 10 Sep 2008, 1:09pm

    My only hope is that Obama and Biden ask McCain and Palin what their views are on gay rights and being allowed to serve openly in the military as well as question her on ex-gay ministries. I would relish seeing both of them put on the spot, feeling uncomfortable and downright embarrassed, then maybe the log cabin closet conservative gays might think twice about endorsing them.

  2. The more I hear about Palin the more I find to be concerned about. She would be a disaster as a VP – her views make George Bush look like a progressive.

  3. The more I hear about Sarah Palin, the more I like her!

  4. Americans being what they are, I’m afraid this is at least a non-issue for most of them; only a very small group might consider the Obama/Biden ticket over this. I guess being a Republican in the US these days means not really caring about the rights of non-Republicans.

  5. Bill Perdue 10 Sep 2008, 3:55pm

    In recent years the United States has seen the growth of a terrifying new industry that claims it can ‘cure’ GLBT folks, to make us ex-gays. Sponsored by right wing politicos of both parties and by superstitious cults this ‘industry’ preys on children whose parents are degenerate enough to send them off to camps to be ‘cured’.

    Our sexuality lies at the very core of our natures so it’s impossible to cure us so they push for social conformism using various tortures misnamed as therapies, i.e., behavior modification and aversion therapy. These therapies consist of electric shock, beatings, humiliation and compulsory self-criticism. As you can imagine the results are always disastrous for the victims and sometimes for their torturers. A few months back a tormented young man from Denver armed himself and went to Ted Haggard’s mammoth cult center in Colorado Springs and opened fire. He was shot and killed himself much too quickly.

    Our movement should demand the closing of these cult operated snakepits, heavy compensation for their victims and the arrest and prosecution of the torturers on charges of child molestation and child abuse. No new laws are needed to jail the christer scum who run these camps. The siblings of victims of torture should be immediately emancipated from their depraved parents and be kept at a safe distance from them. The parents should pay for all this but only after all their assets have been confiscated to compensate their victimized child.

    Most Americans, being what we are, are incensed when they find out what goes on in these camps but no American has any political recourse to stop it. Both parties not only pander to bigots, they’re run by bigots. That’s as true of the Democrats as it is of the Republicans.

  6. Robert, ex-pat Brit 10 Sep 2008, 4:42pm

    Bill, well said!

  7. Robert, ex-pat Brit 10 Sep 2008, 4:43pm

    Bill, I totally agree with you on that.

  8. she is very very dangerous – she has a moustache and has double S’s written all over
    she is dangerous for the USA and the world
    Sometimes the main American can so dump – will they see her as a glamour lipstick or the devil in person ??

  9. God help us if she get elected into any position of power. Somebody P L E A S E send her a copy of the DVD “For the Bible Tells me so” A.S.A.P. or else America is doomed!!

  10. Can someone please send her a copy of the DVD – “For the Bible Tells me so” – A.S.A.P. God help us if she get elected into any position of power. America will be so doomed. Its hard to believe these people are so out of touch with reality!

  11. Len,

    I admire your hope but if there is one defining characteristic of the religious it is that there is no evidence you can provide them with that will stop them believing whatever it is that they believe.

    They believe because they believe. Evidence is neither here nor there. In fact, the less evidence their is for their religion and the more evidence their is against it, the more it increases their faith and the more admirable this then makes them look in the eyes of their fellow religionists.

    They thrive on this absurdity. This would be a tragedy for them alone except that crazy beliefs sooner or later lead to crazy actions. And these actions can then impact very severely on the rest of us.

    When will respect for religion end and a recognition of a self re-inforcing mental illness begin?

  12. Sigh! As a Canadian I just shake my head at U.S. politics. A Republican is a Republican is a Republican! Another 4 years of “dam the torpedoes…God wants us to invade the godless, take the oil, stone the queers,and line our pockets all in the name of Democracy!!!” Actually except for the oil, invading and pockets it sounds a lot like the Harper Conservative government here in Canada, God talks to him as well! Come on Obama…get in there!

  13. Mary Flying Eagle Ray 10 Sep 2008, 10:53pm

    This lady’s lopp sided bible views/
    leanings is a danger to all within her reach and beyond.The line between
    church and state is so thin now, or has it already been wiped out,when most
    weren’t looking?My lesbian sisters and gay brothers, I pray we find relief
    from these hate mongers,but as thieves in the night they come,seeking to
    steal back, any/all freedoms and rights we rightfully gain.
    Great Spirit, open the heart/eyes of those who will not see.
    May We Walk in Beauty…..Mary Flying Eagle Ray

  14. she’s terrifying…. i don’t see any way that Obama can win now Palin’s running. The non-americans who believed he could, massively OVER-estimated the good old american public. the gun toting, moose murdering, bible bashing feotus fetishising fundamentalists have always outnumbered the liberal minded in the US. Unfortunately i think Sarah Palin will make a very representative(Vice)President.

  15. Robert, ex-pat Brit 11 Sep 2008, 3:43pm

    The only way Obama can win is to speak to the issues, something that the republicans never do. He has to compare McCain with Bush and reinforce the face that in the past 8 years, McCain has voted with Bush more than 90% of the time, hardly what they call a maverick. The republican party is a party of hate and racist. If you looked at their convention, all you could see was a sea of white faces, hardly what one could call a party of inclusiveness. Palin is being used to window dress for the party, nothing more. Americans, especially women, have to know that in the past 30 years, not one piece of legislation has been passed by their administration favouring women’s rights, not one. That speaks for itself.

  16. Bill Perdue 11 Sep 2008, 10:35pm

    Robert, don’t get your hopes up. The Democrats are floundering as usual, and it may cost them the election. They’re used to it: for decades they’ve been total losers in the presidential arena. The new polls are out and they’re panicking.

    So what do they do? Turn sharply left and dare to propose some real solutions? Refuse to fund the war? Impeach the mass murderer sitting in the Oval Office? Socialized medicine? A $25.00 an hour minimum wage protected from inflation?

    Not exactly. Instead they get ham-fisted and blame everyone but themselves. They’ve never caught on to the fact that whining about all of us ingrates who are so ‘bitter’ about their backstabbing (DOMA, DADT, ENDA, Hate Crimes) doesn’t elicit pity, just nausea and/or giggles. LGBT voters will remember what happened to us on Nov. 4th. Count on it.

    They blame the media, Ralph Nader (a consumer advocate and perennial candidate) and everyone who won’t toe the party line. Like Carter, Mondale, Dukakis, Gore and Kerry, the Democrats are again following the lead of the Republicans on every key issue. They promised to end the war but give Bush all the money he needs to continue the mass murder of Iraqis that Clinton began. Both Obama and Clinton say that the surge tactic worked, which is a lie, and which plays directing into McCain’s hands. They forget, and it’ll cost them, that millions of antiwar voters are sick to death of the Democrats long record of promoting wars, funding wars and lying about ‘phased withdrawal’. They’re no better than Republicans.

    Obama’s healthcare plan is his gift to the profit margin of HMOs, the insurance industry and Big Pharma. He’s giving them this multibillion dollar donation because he’s their man, bought and paid for. For millions of others Obama’s plan is a sentence of death, of life without health care or of being forced to choose between food, rent, or health care. But that doesn’t concern Obama; like every one in Congress he has the best health care taxes can provide. Obama is a hustler for HMO’s just as Biden hustles for the credit card industry. Voters will remember that too.

    The last time American voters had a real choice in Presidential election was in 1864 and we did the right thing by reelecting Lincoln. Ever since then voters have been disgusted by being forced to choose between the lesser of two bigots, the lesser of two war makers, the lesser of two bosses, the lesser of two evils. By their millions they simply reject the whole corrupt system or lodge a protest vote. Why should voters in the GLBT communities do any differently?

    We’re advising people to Vote Labor, Vote Socialist, Vote Communist, write in Abu-Jamal Mumia (an African-American political prisoner) or just stay home. www dot mumia dot org,

  17. Bill Perdue 12 Sep 2008, 5:00am

    When andy says that in American “the gun toting, moose murdering, bible bashing feotus fetishising fundamentalists have always outnumbered the liberal minded” he makes us sound like reactionary DUP colonists in occupied northern Ireland. Very few Americans are even close to being that awful.

    If Americans had a real alternative left party they’d happily vote for it. The problem is that anti-democratic ballot laws have made that impossible for decades. It’s uninformed to claim, as andy does, that elections in the US are democratic or that government represents the needs or values of working Americans. The fact is that most Americans, seeing the futility of voting for the lesser evil, the lesser warmonger, the lesser boss, or the lesser bigot, simply don’t vote in most elections. Mass abstensionim is very thoroughly documented.

    In any case Palin is a lot less terrifying than Thatcher. Being mayor of a small town in Alaska taxed her to the limit, and that makes her at least as qualified as any of the buffoons and ultra rightists who’ve occupied the Oval Office in the last century.

  18. I will not vote her anyway I am 100% gay she can’t teach me become as straight it is impossible because I was born with gay !

  19. Watch out for 2012.
    She will be back with even more stupid stuff but this time she will have learned how to package it better and she may well win.

    I thought that things could not get any worse after G W Bush but Palin makes Bush look like an impressive deep thinking, well travelled, bright, intellectual.

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