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Dutch MEP appointed rapporteur for gay discrimination legislation

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Reader comments

  1. “Ms Buitenweg is opposed to religious opt-outs.”

    Sounds like my kinda gal. More power to her elbow.

  2. Simon Murphy 11 Sep 2008, 11:21am

    I must email her about the minister for social welfare in Ireland. Despite the new civil partnership laws there the National Rail company in Ireland is training staff on how to avoid issuing free travel passes to gay couples (even though straight unmarried couples are entitled to them). You can see it at And why not write to the Minister. Her name is Mary Hanafin and her email address is

  3. I see France has signed up to this non discrimination clause and supports it – WHY then is it discriminating against British civil partners and treating them in a completely different way to their own gay partnerships and to Dutch gay marriages? As Pinknews reported earlier sometime British civil partners have to pay 60% IHT in France despite the fact that French and Dutch gay couples pay 0% – Why isn’t pressure being put on France during their presidency to own up to their own discrimination against British gay couples

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