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Stamp of approval for gay Olympic hero

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Reader comments

  1. Matthew wasn’t the only out gay athlete of the games. He was the only out Australian but there were another 9 out competitors (still very few compared to the 10,708 athletes present in total)

  2. Matthew was only out Australian but not the only out athlete at the Games. There were another 9 (still too very few in view of the 10708 athletes present in Beijing)


  3. Yes, but the story is accurate. It says that he was the only ‘out’ gay male athlete, and I believe he was. The other 9 ‘out’ people were lesbians.

  4. This makes me very sad; both the fact that NBC didn’t mention, even in passing (which would have been so fantastic) that he was happily gay, but also that he was the only out gay male athlete out of thousands and thousands of athletes.

    It has been said many times before but there is a painful lack of gay male sporting role models.

  5. We must change the image of gays and make it as it is an attractive state of being; we must be proactive. It is passive to rely on an image produced by prejudiced people who have their own agendas. It is god created because it is natural and is therefore in his image. We are not ashamed of God, are we?

  6. Matthew Mitcham rocks!

  7. He’s hot! I’d lick that!

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