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Libraries asked to stock ex-gay literature

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Reader comments

  1. “There should be a balance…” – There are two sides to every story, aren’t there? I mena, why not give a balanced view on the flat earth, or devote lots of space to alchemy in the chemistry section…?

    The religious anti-gay movements are using exactly the same tactics as the creationists who want to get junk science, “intelligent design”, taught to kids. Teach the controversy, let them hear both sides of the ‘argument’.

    But when one argument is so banal, and off the scale, based on no evidence, or completely flawed evidence unsuppoirted in any peer reviewed journal – which is the case for all the studies put out by ex-gay ministries and NARTH – then it does not deserve to be given shelf space.

    If fanatics like Lebarbera think their “arguments” should be given serious attention, then let’s start with asking for evidence for “god” in the first place. Once you can prove there’s a mind at work in the universe, and one that listens to you, and cares who you sleep with and how, only then can you have anything to say. But the fact is, homosexuality is not regarded as a treatable condition by any respected scientific body.

  2. what planet is america on? more to the point what planet could it be moved to please!!! why are there so many backward weirdos in one nation? and now with sarah palin on the march things are looking pretty bleak. islamists in the middle-east, new military “fascism” in eastern europe and now a surge of lunacy in the US……no wonder my american partner is applying for a british passport now, so he never needs to leave the european union. we should be very very grateful, though not complacent…

  3. Sugar Plum Fairy 29 Jul 2009, 6:55am

    Surprise, surprise. And here’s me thinking that the gaystapo’s mantra was equality and diversity. It seems that it only applies as long as you agree with them. Can’t you see the incongruity of that guys. If incongruity is too big a word for you let me know and I will explain it.

    I am sorry AT but calling the opposition’s ideas banal and off the scale won’t wash. After all, what is more banal and off the scale than that you are born homosexual. Even the APA doesn’t believe that any more.

    You may offer your opinion that homosexuality, and it is an opinion, is not regarded as a treatable opinion by any respected scientific body, but it is very clear that thousands of ex-homosexuals don’t agree with you or science.

    There are plenty of books detailing the facts but I guess you wouldn’t be interested in the truth as it might ruin a good story you have concocted.

  4. Sugar Plum Fairy 29 Jul 2009, 6:56am

    Can I suggest you drop the ‘flat earth” bit. It is so passe and worn out.

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