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Anglican bishops to speak up for gay marriage

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Reader comments

  1. Robert, ex-pat Brit 9 Sep 2008, 1:03pm

    Well done, Episcopalians! We’ll see none of that in the C of E of course, too damn cowardly and backward. I hope the Episcoplians break away from the union with Canterbury, deservedly so.

  2. Dominick J. 9 Sep 2008, 4:36pm

    It is Always so refreshing to see churches and congregations standing up for the Gay community and Equal Rights. Bravo to them for stepping forward and showing this nation and the world that NOT all religious organizations condem people for being different and acknowledge that we are ALL Gods children!

  3. waou – there should be more like them arround the world !!
    This is the kind of words that religious figures should project
    Well done to them

  4. Robert,
    As an “ex-pat”, I’m not sure how often you find yourself hanging around C of E circles, but I think you’ll find that on an individual and pastoral level there are few dioceses in this country that do not offer same-sex unions, and pretty much none that do not have predominantly LGBT churches and congregations. The difference between the English and American churches is simply one of style, and I suspect it is a cultural difference as much as anything: the Episcopal Church (ECUSA) insists on trumpeting this issue to the skies and making sure that everyone knows what its position on same-sex unions is. The Church of England, perhaps because of the different attitude to public discussions of religion and politics here, simply goes about doing its business – including ministering to gay and lesbian Christians – in a rather more low-key fashion. ECUSA is willing to make a communion-breaking issue over this; the C of E is not. Cowardice and backwardness have nothing to do with it. Rather, I would like to think it relates to such traditionally Anglican values as consideration for others (our partners in the Communion and our more conservative brethren among others), self-sacrifice, decency, and humility. And perhaps also a much-needed sense of perspective. Some liberals in the C of E might think that ECUSA could do with more of all of these things.

  5. The hierarchy of the CoE has explicitly spoken out to deny CPs receiving blessings, and while CPs are blessed it is usually “under-the-counter”; we saw the uproar recently about that blessing in London.

    If the CoE wants to remain in communion with the bigots and hypocrites then I don’t actually care: I just want them out of the HoL and out of their position of privilged access to the reins of power and influence.

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