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Vice Presidential candidate’s church supports “ex-gay” movement

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Reader comments

  1. it’s the tip of the iceberg – she supports teaching creationism in schools (intellectual child abuse), banning abortion, praying for drilling contracts…. she is a religious crank.

  2. You’d think the Church would be promoting Christianity, not brainwashing, misinformation and discrimination against others! It’s shameful that they call themselves Christians.

  3. Daddy Bear 8 Sep 2008, 12:05am

    That son of hers sets off my gaydar. I suppose that he has joined the Army to get the hell out of Alaska, to get away from an exceptional overbearing mother and henpecked father, to escape something about this Pat Boone-ish nuclear family of such hypocritical values that just isn’t right to be around. Will she want him put to death when he comes marching out of the closet? Or does she just want him self-loathing in denial and under cult hypnosis in one of these ex-gay bowel movements?

  4. Yes Daddy Bear, perhaps in the marines her son can get into the ActiveDuty videos which raised a scandal when some soldiers were recognised and cashiered a couple of years back. That’d dent her nomination a bit more than being a supporter of Ex-Gayism. Some dirt won’t hurt if you are appealing to the redneck vote.

  5. This is just sad… Her idea of Christian is totally twisted. How can she deny any scientific evidence supported across many medical and psychological associations? She is a total non-sense!!

  6. Steve Hope 8 Sep 2008, 11:35am

    Why is anyone surprised? Let the lurid revelations keep coming. Thank somebody’s God and Senator McCain for Sarah Palin. An Obama presidency is every day more likely.

  7. William Smyth 8 Sep 2008, 4:21pm

    “He told the National Press Club in Washington DC he was unapologetic about comments in which he espoused anti-gay rhetoric…”

    What was the anti-gay rhetoric from the NPC? Rev. Wright is not anti-gay.

    From the above sovo article.

    In one of his sermons of the early 1990s, titled, “Good News for Homosexuals,” Wright told of how he believes God does not limit his love to heterosexuals.

    “I refuse to limit my God, to lock God into my cultural understandings because culture is fickle,” Wright said. “And culture is often wrong. Culture was wrong about slavery. Culture was wrong about women. Culture was wrong about Africans and Indians, and culture was wrong about Christ,” he said. “I have been the pariah among many of my clergy colleagues who somehow see me as defective or not quite saved because I won’t join them in their homophobic gay bashing and misquoting of scripture.”

  8. Bill Perdue 8 Sep 2008, 9:30pm

    Sarah Palin and the pentecostal assemblies of god (sic) think they can make us go away by chanting superstitious jezuzbabble at us.

    Just like the Reverend Jimmy Swaggart, another pentecostal who promises to kill any gay man who looks at him ‘that’ way.

    Just like the ordained pentecostal bigot and most reverend Leah Daughtry, who chaired the Democratic (sic) Convention and runs the Democratic (sic) National Committee. She’s being sued for homophobic bigotry by none other than the DNCs former GLBT outreach director. If you’re donating to the Democrats your money will pay the DNCs legal bills and the final settlement, which will be quite large, hopefully.

    Just like the most extremely reverend (and former gay) pentecostal Donnie McClurkin who hosted Obama’s string of southern revival meetings masquerading as political rallies.

    Those people really get around don’t they? So much so that James Dobson. the evangelical pope, is sitting in his office in the Springs smirking because now he has two parties to play with. We’re the only losers in all this.

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